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Really struggling with 16mo DS. Could it be teething?

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PPL Tue 09-Oct-12 17:45:55

He's being a nightmare. I feel terrible that he's driving me so mad. My mum keeps telling me that there must be something bothering him as he's not normally like this. Half of me thinks it's terrible twos come early but I'm clinging onto the hope that it might be teething and therefore short lived!

He's throwing tantrums left right and centre. He occasionally wakes in the night with a scream but generally is sleeping through (after waking every night last week!)

Really nasty nappies - pale and sloppy. Once a day- used to do two proper poos a day. Thinking maybe tummy bug?

He is not eating AT ALL. He was the worlds greatest eater and it has come a shock. I am terrified that thats it, he'll never eat properly again! Since he went off his food about a week ago, I have only offered his favourite foods but he just won't eat. he's living on a few bits of fruit, the odd mouthful of yoghurt and occasionally some breakfast. I managed to get a few stage one Ella's pouches down him but that is a HUGE step back!
Basically as soon as I put him in his high chair or show him food, he cries. And throws stuff.

Throughout the day he'll randomly just burst into hysterical crying for no apparent reason, totally inconsolable. He can't handle play groups or soft play or any of our usual activities - he just clings to me like a limpet and whines.

The only thing that makes him smile is climbing up stairs and watching cbeebies.

He has recently gone from 2-1 naps, and sleeps for 1.5-2 hrs between 1130 and 130 ish. He seems to me chronically overtired but if we go back to 2 naps he wakes super super early and actually gets less sleep per 24 hrs.

Generally he is being quite aggressive and has started pulling my hair, scratching etc when he doesn't get his way. Like when I try and stop him climbing in the kitchen bin.

Does anyone have any ideas?I want him to be happy again! It's mainly the food thing that's bothering me. It used to be the one thing I didn't have to worry about!

Thanks in advance. Sorry it's long. Am feeling a bit helpless sad

He seems to be constantly whining. Also he can't yet walk but seems to be making a lot of progress, although he never seems to way to practise and is a bit lazy!!!

He has a few words and seems to be more
Vocal everyday.

Not going through a wonder week at preset although is clearly developing a lot.

PPL Tue 09-Oct-12 17:51:33

Forgot to say, he has two canines coming through. They have just pushed through the guns but seem to be taking forever to actually grow. Could two little teeth really cause so much disruption?

Pascha Tue 09-Oct-12 17:59:19

The teeth could certainly be the cause of the food refusal, the sloppy nappies and the waking at night. Have you tried basic teething remedies +/- ibuprofen before food and before bed? You might find helping one thing like this makes his sleep better and his temper better in consequence.

PPL Tue 09-Oct-12 18:01:54

Thanks. We've tried gel and poweder, does seem to give some relief but doesnt help with the food issue. And we have been giving calpol or neurofen but only fairly intermittently, maybe we should try every 6 hours for a couple of days and see if that helps?

PPL Wed 10-Oct-12 13:59:02

Didn't seem to make much difference. Had neurofen this morning and calpol before nap. Te postman woke him after 45 mins sleep and he screamed solidly for half an hour. I'm talking blood curdling screams. Feeling a bit desperate sad

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