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Peer pressure and materialism in 10 year olds

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AREMum Tue 09-Oct-12 16:22:28

My first post on Mumsnet but following a heart to heart with my 10 year old who has suffered teasing today at school because he doesn't have a mobile phone, I thought I'd see if there are any suggestions/strategies for how to deal with this. He experienced similar comments last year when the brand of his scooter wasn't deemed "cool" enough and I gave him a few responses to use. I understand that for him this is a really important issue (and he has been promised a phone for Christmas so this particular matter will be resolved in a matter of weeks) but I want to equip him with the right mind set to be able to deal with this for life. I find the level of materialism quite shocking, but recognise by saying this and pointing out how enriching life can be without all this "stuff" won't actually help him in the playground! My mantra to date has been "you'll never be the first in the class to have a (insert must-have product here) but you probably won't be the last either". I have also tried to instill a sense that if someone makes you feel bad for a fairly large proprtion of the time they're not actually a friend. I welcome your feedback!

Furball Tue 09-Oct-12 16:36:10

I have an 11 year old who doesn't have a phone. He has asked, but we don't feel the need just yet. he gets a lift to and from school.

a few of his friends have and 1 has an iphone, they all take them to school and have to hand them into the school office every morning, so not worth having during school time.

He does have an ipad though, and sends emails to his buddies. but that doesn't leave his hands the house

Furball Tue 09-Oct-12 16:43:52

quite often but everyone has got one means just one has and no one else.

I've just asked ds how many of the 25 (and half this as he doesn't know about the girls) in his class do have a phone and the answer = most. when I enquired does xxx have one? the answer was no. I think there are about 4 max.

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