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Teaching DCs about "stranger danger"?

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bluebean Thu 04-Oct-12 13:55:13

In the light of the April Jones case I've been thinking about how we educate our DCs about being wary of strangers.

I don?t want them to be fearful when the vast, vast majority of people are decent folk and would never harm a child. But, clearly, it does happen.

Is the old advice of never trust strangers still used? Do they use this in school? (DD1 is nearly 5 and just started school, they?ve not covered this yet). What about when a child gets lost in a public place, are they then scared to ask a stranger for help?

April Jones knew the man they're questioning, so even if she knew not to get in the car with a stranger, perhaps she would still have got in his car.

So, what do you lot do? How do you manage the balance between teaching sensible vigilance and creating paranoia?

Sandrute Thu 25-Oct-12 12:44:11

When my 4 years old boy start the reception this year, he use to be very angry, specialy at litle brother and on me. I thought- he is tayed, but he goes to bed at 8 pm latest. So is not a case.
Just 2 days ago., after talk with teatcher I thing I found an answer. On the start he wasnt listen whot he toled by teatcher/ run, hit the children/ he has to sit at noughtys chear, adn has talks with teatcher. But now teather more happy abaut his bahaviar and he feels better at school. So he no more angry on as after school. I suggest you should speak with a nursery assistant abaut girl, and ask for help with her toilet. Hope its helphul.

Sandrute Thu 25-Oct-12 12:49:22

Just speak with the teather may be yours girl has some ploblems at school.

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