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weaning help please!

(5 Posts)
Cazm2 Thu 27-Sep-12 21:23:33

Hi started weaning dd at 22 weeks showing sigbs and silent reflux. She had a Urine infection inbetween so hard to effectively start again. However I am stuck on when to introduce an eve meal. She usually wakes 7-730 has porrudge/cereal and bottle then go through till 12 ish for lunch and bottle. Then afternoon falls apart she May have a bottle about 3-4 ish but uses to be in bed at 7pm however have notuced she is becoming more tired by .6pm so has her last bottke then. She is still waking once at Night for a feed too. Hralth visitor said let her drop a bottle rather than remove it but I cant see her picking up otherwise! She doesnt nap much in the day 30mins sometimes more in afternoon. I need a biit more structure to afternoons and eves! She is now nearly 27 weeks! Also with meat dishes etc do i do these at lunchtime? Thank you!

EntWife Thu 27-Sep-12 21:36:26

first off, relax. it is easy to get quite stressed about weaning. it generally works much better when you relax a little :-)

This was my daughters milk/solids schedule at around 6 months.

7am - 8oz milk
8am - porridge

11am - 6oz milk

12.30 - 1pm - lunch (usually veg based)

2.30 -3pm - 6oz milk

4-5pm - Dinner (usually protein based)

6.30-7pm - 9oz milk (i usually broke this bottle by offering her half then taking a break to do her bath and then once she was in her jammies and sleeping bag, giving her her rest of the bottle which she would happily finish)

7 - 7.30pm - bed.

occasionally she would wake for a night feed. When she got to about 8months she dropped the 11am bottle.

Hope that helps.

Cazm2 Fri 28-Sep-12 03:01:37

Thank you that really helps I will try something along those lines did you offer her milk with feeds health visitor said I should but I think she is becoming too full up with it all at once! Plus sometimes shewont wake till later then it all falls apart!

EntWife Fri 28-Sep-12 07:20:46

no problem.

no I separated the milk and the solids. always felt it would be too much if I tried to offer them together. I just offered water in a sippy with solids.

MamaMads Sun 30-Sep-12 20:54:22

Entwife has offered some really great advice. If i were to add anything i would just say don't wait until they are too hungry as they get a bit frenzied and i give milk afterwards.

I found that fattier foods like avocado and banana were better at evening times as they weren't too acidic and the fats helped keep them fuller for longer, meaning they'd sleep longer at night. I generally wouldn't do meat from the start for the evening. Something lighter would help their stomach especially if she originally suffered from reflux.

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