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what did your toddler eat yesterday?

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bail Wed 14-Sep-11 12:20:32

my 13 month DS has gone from loving me spoon feeding him, to an absolute refusal to be fed from a spoon. so finger foods at the ready. It is a real change for us.

i would be interested in what others are eating and also thoughts on my ds' menu. no offence will be taken! i genuinely would like people's thoughts even if critical, but pls along with suggestions as to how i can improve.

Brekkie - (the one meal where I can still spoon feed)
5oz whole milk
fruity dorset cereal with whole milk
an ella's kitchen fruit pouch

Snack mid morning
slices of mango

pasta in pesto (shop bought)
egg and potato torilla
some roasted sweet potato and carrot
an ella's kitchen fruit pouch

Snack mid afternoon
3 oz whole milk
slices of apple

falafel (shop bought)
egg and potato tortilla
crackers with cream cheese
organix ginger bread biscuit

7oz formula

InmaculadaConcepcion Wed 14-Sep-11 13:49:50

Try this website for some more ideas - I've found it to be very good!

Sounds like you're offering some good things thus far.

When DD hit this stage at about the same age, we started doing omelettes/pancakes/pizza toasties/mini-pies etc.

Also, we found that things like soup worked fine if we did a load of bread "croutons" for her to soak it up.

When she started refusing to be spoon-fed breakfast, I would dunk breakfast flakes in her porridge so she could eat it in lumps...

cheeseandmarmitesandwich Thu 15-Sep-11 22:02:47

Sounds good to me. DD2 is 15 months and much prefers eating with her fingers! Since she was around 8 months she's just been having exactly what the rest of us have (we also have a 3yo though so our meals are all pretty family friendly)

So today she had:

Morning BF

Breakfast: toast, banana, milk to drink

Snacks: breadsticks, raisins, bit of a chocolate brownie blush

Lunch: half a cheese and tomato pannini, blueberries

Snacks: tangerine, half a bag of organix cheesey puff crisps

Dinner: courgette fritata, corn on the cob, runner beans, potatoes

Bedtime BF

Pretty much all of that she ate with her hands! Other favourites are stir fry, any type of pasta, fishfingers, scrambled eggs, peas, carrot sticks... In fact she will just eat anything with her hands! She is just starting to use a fork herself though sometimes I have to pre-load it for her.

Hope that helps!

thecaptaincrocfamily Thu 15-Sep-11 22:38:03

TBH that all sounds good but are you vegetarian because I don't see much meat?
Breakfast we have done
scrambled egg with toast fingers
various cereals although only the healthy ones at this age.
boiled egg
bacon sandwich (not necessarily eaten as a sandwich as dds picked fillings out!)
beans/saus with toast
all manner of fruit, sometimes added to weetabix/porridge

various things with toast fingers/ pitta/ bread/roll
sliced sandwich meats cut into strips.
cheese on toast
jacket potato cut into small pieces with butter and slices of cheese
pasta with a sauce
fruit and veg sliced up
rice pudding
all with fruit mixed in i.e raspberries/ strawberries/ pear sometimes fresh, or tinned is fine in juice.

Evening meal

Whatever we had dds also had. Usually healthy
meat in strips as opposed to cubes and if it was likely to be tough i.e. beef we used sandwich meat in strips instead.
All veg cut into hand sized chunks or strips - carrot, broccoli, cauli, parsnip, mange tout, peas, sweetcorn, baby corn and on the cob, red cabbage with apple.
Various pasta dishes with garlic bread
Mild curry
shepherds pie
potato wedges
roast pots
some convenience like fishfingers occasionally as dh and I don't eat fish much.

humzingers sometimes
yoghurt covered things in packets
dried fruit i.e. cranberries, apricot, babana
crackers and cheese
digestive biscuit smile
snack a jacks
healthy eating bars occasionally
cereal bars
cake occasionally
shock chocolate occasionally grin

Pure fruit juice diluted 1/10 for drinks in a cup

Just ignore the mess! They can eat everything with their fingers smile Just have a nice big plastic mat under the table/ highchair grin

The only thing that I think probably is not necessary is the fruit pouches - hand blender and fruit is probably cheaper for a smoothie or use innocent smoothies smile

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