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Non Greasy Sun Protection

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Macey78 Wed 07-Sep-11 22:46:52

Any recommendations please for our 14mth DD. Going away soon and have only ever used Nivea but don't want to spend money trying out others to find a non greasy/light one.

Apologies if on wrong section.

Kladdkaka Thu 08-Sep-11 21:02:21

My first thought when I read your thread title was Nivea. I am autistic with hypersensitivity issues. I've tried practically every suncream under the sun in my quest for one that doesn't completely freak me out. Nivea is the only bearable one.

MagnumIcecreamAddict Fri 09-Sep-11 21:15:21

I use ultrasun which is a fantastic all day cream. I use it for me and my 14month old DS.

I've always struggled with sunburn despite high factor creams and am a keen traveller and I can honestly say finding this stuff has revolutionised my holidays!

The spf50 takes a while to run in but all of them sink in completely and you'd have no idea you had suncream on. In and out of the pool all day, no problem (unless toweling vigourously!). DS fine too and it saves all the screaming with holding still to reapply every couple of hours!!

Enjoy your holiday!

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