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Really difficult situation with DDs BF

(2 Posts)
ScarlettIsWalking Tue 16-Aug-11 20:50:31

Ok I am really struggling with this one.

DD is 5 and has had a close friend from pre-school call her B. They get on v well but the relationship has changed a lot recently. The other little girl can be really overbearing physically with my DD and plays "games" like spitting in DDs face, also - when they go swimming together she is always really rough - putting water in DDs face but really aggressively and DD has been caught for breath many times. These are a few examples that catch the drift of how it's going. B is older and stronger and it's just part of her personality, she is a sweet girl deep down but I feel my DD needs a break.

They are going to different schools in Sept and I will welcome that although Bs Mum is a great and v supportive friend and she is someone I see a lot. I have been holding off on playdates for a while now and I feel really stressed making up excuses - lying does not come naturally at all and I feel bad.

I don't know if there are any Mums who have been through anything similar and have any advice? I don't suppose there are any quick solutions. It feels right to separate them but with the Mum being such a good friend this will inevitably suffer.

OldBagWantsNewBag Tue 16-Aug-11 20:59:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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