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Why doesnt my ds listen to me?

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bliss88 Fri 15-Jul-11 16:23:22


I have started to feel quite stressed recently as when i am trying to discipline my ds he just laughs at me and walks away. and when i say right time out he goes there free of will and no struggle which i guess is a good thing but he starts to laugh and walk away from that the minute i make him sit down!

im very very tired as he is nearly two i dont know if anyone else gets this! is it normal for him to not listen to me. it makes myself and dh fall out as i give up telling him off and getting cross as i never acheive anything. he will listen to dh and mil and my mum but not me and i get this feeling that i am a crap mother.

Any suggestions as what i can do? any discipline tips or ways to make him a calmer child?


Iggly Fri 15-Jul-11 18:44:01

DS is nearly 22 months and I don't really discipline as such because he doesn't get it. Instead I try and anticipate those situations where he will kick off (usually when hungry or tired). Or if I have to take something away from him, I try and encourage him to put it away or tell him a few minutes beforehand that "we're finished" or "all done". Sometimes I have to be ready with a distraction (usually food!)

If he does kick off, I will not tell him off as he's too upset. So I just have to take him away from the situation. I will use "No" if I really need him to stop something.

Also I show him how to do things and praise when he does - he loves getting things right.

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