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Sleeping when ill

(5 Posts)
ObviouslyOblivious Thu 14-Jul-11 05:14:09

Please forgive me for this supremely stupid question (considering I've so far managed to keep DS for nearly 6 months with very little incident):

Poor DS has suddenly come down with a nasty cold (he was fine at 7pm bed time and woke up and 8.30 pm coughing and sneezing). We co slept most of the night but I finally brought him downstairs at 4am and he's now asleep in his bouncy chair and is definitely finding breathing easier in there.

My stupid question is - is it ok for me to sleep while he sleeps in the chair? I seem to feel the need to stay awake and make sure he's safe in there in a way I wouldn't on a normal night time. Maybe it's more to do with him being ill than with the chair?

Goblinchild Thu 14-Jul-11 05:26:36

Yes, sleep.
You are next to him, you are likely to only catnap anyway but it will do you good. If he's snuffly, he's better a bit propped up.
You will wake up if his snuffling changes. smile

ObviouslyOblivious Thu 14-Jul-11 05:31:33

Thank you Goblinchild smile

Goblinchild Thu 14-Jul-11 05:36:11

It's a pleasure, hope he's better soon. smile

matana Thu 14-Jul-11 09:03:24

Strap him in though... my DS suddenly decided to give his first attempt to pulling to sit up around that age while my back was turned. He toppled over head first onto the floor. No damage done, it was a short distance to fall and the shock made him cry more than anything. But still, i felt like a very bad mummy indeed!

Hope he gets well soon.

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