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older kids behaviour towards little ones in playground

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zzlondongirlzz Thu 07-Jul-11 11:00:49

Hi everyone - warning, I'm still in a rant! Basically my DD (nearly 4) and DS (nearly 2) encountered 2 boys in the playground yesterday - they were 6 and 8/9. My DD loves other kids and tried to play with them/chat to them. They didn't seem too fussed to start with and the 6 year old was chatting to her (thats how I found out his age). I was fairly close by and they knew that I was the mum but I wasn't exactly playing with them IYSWIM. However, the 6 year old became a bit nasty to DD, calling her names etc then when she picked up some pine cones, he chased her, called over the 9 year old for help and they pushed her over and pulled them out of her hand. She was very upset - I told her not to worry and to play with someone else if they weren't playing nicely (very loudly so that they heard). But THEN I caught the 6 year old, 5 minutes later pulling at my DS's hands and pushing him - he wasn't hurt but it was forceful considering his size and also unbelievable he would do that given I was so close by!!! The mums of these boys were having a picnic and couldn't see what was going on. Kids were upset, I was shocked/annoyed so we left but now I'm wondering, should I have said something to the mums? am I being over the top/overly protective - the younger one was 6 after all?? what would you have done/said to them?

OnionEyes Thu 07-Jul-11 15:15:05

I don't know really but I've had a similar situation in our local park, it makes me so sad for the little ones. My DD was bullied on the slide recently, telling her she was a baby and wasn't allowed on. I was right there with her (she's only 2yrs) and they were mean even though I was there.

I think if I was the other mum I'd want to know mine had behaved so poorly so I could sort it out, but then I'm becoming aware that some mums don't seem to care much what their DC are getting up to!

Eglu Thu 07-Jul-11 15:18:17

I wouldn't have bothered telling the parents, as you can never tell what kind of reaction you'll get these days.

I would however have told the boys off myself.

p99gmb Thu 07-Jul-11 20:09:04

I too would have told the boys off - not in a horrible way (in case their parents bigger than megrin), but I have given my rupert bear stare and said 'hey, don't do that to my LO... " - I think it sets a good example to stand up to bullies but in a calm way...

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