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anyone with a micralite fastfold, which sun parasol/shield did you use?

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missingmyflatbelly Tue 05-Jul-11 23:09:14

ive found this one which is quite reasonably priced and would go well with the box like design on the fastfold, but am not sure if the arm of the parasol is long enough to fit on the fastfold? am hoping someone can advise! i'm not too keen on the sun shield by micralite, as its quite pricey and i don't think i need this very often.

posting in prams too


camdancer Wed 06-Jul-11 08:02:11

I tried a parasol with my micralite but it annoyed me so much I ended up getting the sun shield. The problem with the parasol is that you have to reposition it all the time. When you turn a corner, when the road changes direction slightly, when you come out of the shade etc.

At least with the sun shield you put it up and leave it alone. The other good thing is that when the shield is on, people ignore your baby, which is good when they are asleep or going to sleep. I have used it quite a bit, especially during the winter on those very bright but cold days, so it isn't just for the 2 weeks of summer.

(Or just hang a muslin off the top of the buggy with a couple of clothes pegs. It works pretty well also!)

missingmyflatbelly Wed 06-Jul-11 22:04:15

hi there i tried a parasol on at mothercare today and i can see exactly what you mean! im so glad i didn't buy one online without trying it first. it seemed very flimsy and also bc of the design of the micralite i couldn't see how the parasol would be far enough away from teh babe and not in their face iyswim!

i considered muslin but i'm looking for something to put shade on ds to keep him cool while awake too. the winter thing is good point for the sun shield. someone else recommended a sunshine kids universal sun shield (quite different to the micralite branded one) i may just go for that as its half the price.


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