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Best Sun Cream??

(8 Posts)
Matildathebrave Tue 14-Jun-11 13:36:12

Not sure where to post and sure this must have been done before, but which suncream is the best to use for my children.

I want something which gives great protection but not too heavy.


wonderfultykes Tue 14-Jun-11 14:20:16

Ambre solaire tansparent one is great, transparent bottle with orange transpatrent lid & orange lable - no nasty white slurp to rub in, just spray, wipe over with a hand to even it out if you want, and go. Just care re spraying on face - i always spray on hands then wipe on face. I use the 30 but think you can get 40 too.

It's not all day though

cookcleanerchaufferetc Tue 14-Jun-11 14:42:23

Anyone thats is an aerosol and sprays on without the need to rub in ...i hate applying sun cream but this makes it bearable! Spray and go!

Zingylemontart Tue 14-Jun-11 22:37:46

Panama Jack spray. Doesn't leave them feeling all grubby, which is what I've found with others.

notapizzaeater Tue 14-Jun-11 22:41:35

P20, liquid so just smooth over, lasts all day as well.

monkoray Wed 15-Jun-11 06:58:26

My ds gets quite dry skin so we use nivea factor 50, spray, blue stuff. My ds actually likes to help rub it in do no screaming matches.
Have also used boots own factor 50 gloop but its really hard to not squish too much out.

isobelle Thu 16-Jun-11 20:44:22

not that i have had much use for it recently with gloomy wet weather and dull skyes but would recommend the nivea transparent one - goes on like water and easy to apply and rub in

SingOut Thu 16-Jun-11 20:49:07

I like the Green People lavender kids one, it seems heavy but is absorbed quickly and not too greasy. Plus it smells gorgeous... Love it.

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