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potty training advice please - ds just 3.

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Cat98 Sun 12-Jun-11 16:34:40

After an aborted attempt at training ds when he was 2.9, we have tried again thes weekend. He's just 3. We started yesterday morning, just put him in pants. Basically he is ok if we literally take him to the toilet every 45 mins or so.. If we leave it to him, or even just ask him if he needs to go, he doesn't seem to know. He has said 'no' then wet himself 2 mins later. However if we say 'we're going to sit on the toilet just to make sure', he protests a bit but often does a wee. Does this mean he isn't ready yet or is it a normal start to potty training? He has to be trained by the start of pre school in sept. Thanks.

snailoon Sun 12-Jun-11 16:39:19

I left mine naked at home (it was summer) and caught the wee in a cup. Boys are easier obviously. I had a big plastic measuring cup for this, so it was fun for him to see how much he produced and to pour it down the toilet. He also used the potty/ toilet, but the cup was convenient and fun.

Mummyloveskisses Sun 12-Jun-11 19:53:48

IMO he doesn't sound ready. I have had DS1 who is now 13yrs who wasn't ready until 3.4 yrs and took 1 week to be dry day and 2/3 dry at night and DD who is now 3.5 yrs was ready at 2.4 yrs and took 3 weeks to be dry both day and night together.

Both of mine I did it during the summer the same as snailoon and left them naked indoors as the realisation they needed a wee was often 20 seconds before they went so not having trousers/pants to manipulate meant less accidents. With DD I also had a period of 2-3 weeks where I had her in pull ups and we practiced going to the toilet and pulling up and down.

Also bought a book called Princess Polly's Potty the boys version was called Pirate Pete's Potty and I will be buying this for DS2 (15 months) when the time comes it got her used to the idea of weeing and pooing on the potty and made the whole thing more fun. Oh and get a couple of pottys... I had one in front room, one in toilet downstairs and one in bathroom (£1 from poundland) then she was always right by one if she got the feeling.

I keep refering to DD as DS1 was such a long time ago smile and my braincells were eaten during pregnancy.


Cat98 Sun 12-Jun-11 23:37:24

Thanks, some good tips there. So do they normally ask to go if ready? Or is it normal for them to need to be constantly reminded?

MiceHaveFeelingsToo Mon 13-Jun-11 11:33:09

Just wanted to add...I dont think preschools/nurseries are allowed to refuse to take children still in nappies (ie it would discriminate against SN, disabilities, etc). My DS2 only trained at 3 1/2 after a year of trying every few months and it wasnt a problem at pre-school.

And...I recommend the Gina Ford book on potty training, it worked for us when the boys were ready (DS1 at 2 1/2)

Good luck smile

belgo Mon 13-Jun-11 11:36:42

Sounds like a pretty normal start. He's only been doing this a couple of days, and if he is going to the toilet when you're taking him, then he's doing quite well.

Agree with snailoon, let him run around naked, and make sure the potty is always in sight.

tinker81 Tue 14-Jun-11 10:36:49

it took my ds at least a couple of months after potty training before he would tell us he needed the loo. before this we would remind him whenever we thought he needed to go (he dances around a lot and crosses his legs) or if we were going out somewhere.
it takes time, just be patient and accept that you will have good days and bad days....don't be put off at such an early stage, he will be fine.
also speak to pre school/nursery about it if you are worried, they will have heard it all before i'm sure. good luck.

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