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Mumofjz Fri 27-May-11 21:46:39

Day one of kids holidays - why does my DS (6) have to be a right royal pain??? Anything and Everything he shouldn't do he has done, i have shouted at him till i'm blue in the face yet it still doesn't make the blindest bit of difference and before all you "supper nanny" advocates get on my case, i have done the getting down on his level, the naughty stair, his bedroom, the sticker chart, the cancelling of his 6th birthday party tomorrow and of course that goes hand in hand in telling/showing him how pleased i am in his behaviour (about 3 times in total today!)

He has now just pulled his shelf off his wall (an Ikea floating shelft - so noting flimsy) and sent his books falling all over the place - quite frankly i've had it today with him.

Does anyone have any other useful idea's to help with fraught situations - i have 2 weeks of this sad

dikkertjedap Fri 27-May-11 21:53:01

Hmm .... I understand that you are fed up but cancelling his birthday party seems .... well, quite harsh

He was probably just really tired at the end of this half term, lots of kids are, which can make them a lot more challenging than normal.

I would start with a clean sheet tomorrow. I would establish some golden rules (not too many, say three, max five). If he sticks to all five the whole day he can earn a little treat (does not need to be a present, could be an activity he loves to do with you). If he sticks to all the rules the whole week he gets a big reward (to be agreed upfront so he knows what he is working towards). Clearly, the rules need to be achievable for a six year old. I would also stress that to have a nice holiday together you will have to work as a team and help each other out, as he is a big boy and your big helper.

Mumofjz Fri 27-May-11 22:06:23

obviously his party isn't cancelled but it was threatened wink

Golden rules for a happy holiday were discussed this morning and broken by dinner......DD(9) has been a dream but she even get's it in the neck when he starts sad

Help on how to stay in control, relaxed, laid back and carefree without the need of drinking would greatly be appreciated grin

Guitargirl Fri 27-May-11 22:29:29

What's he eating and how much exercise is he getting? My DS is much younger but his behaviour has been shocking today and am sure it's because he's eaten too much rubbish (additives).

Can't advise on the rest, I had opened the wine by 5pm...blush

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