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Child tracking

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LucyVictoria Fri 03-Dec-10 08:14:56

Hi all

Wondered if anyone can give me any advice...

Has anyone here used or is using any child trackers?

Are there any anyone can recommend?

Just something we are considering


seeker Fri 03-Dec-10 08:16:15

I don't know what one is but I instinctively don;t like them.

<unhelpful emoticon>

seeker Fri 03-Dec-10 08:19:45

Just googled.

Do you live in a country where there are a lot of kidnappings?

Is your child in the middle of a bitter custody battle?

If not - then why on earth would you want to do this?

LucyVictoria Mon 06-Dec-10 14:43:20

I guess I was thinking more about maybe for days out/holidays? Like my step son is starting to want to go out and about on his own etc and you can set up boundaries...

Or for the little ones, I'm sure I'm not the only mum that’s turned their back for a split second to find that my little monkey has seized the opportunity to disappear!

Am I making myself look like a lazy mum?

Tee2072 Mon 06-Dec-10 15:48:22

No, but you are making yourself look paranoid.

The idea of this just makes me ill, actually.

LucyVictoria Mon 06-Dec-10 16:13:33

I can honestly say that my first though was like all of yours, but when you look at them on internet etc they don't sound or come across as evil intrusive things.

They are a lot more popular/common than I though they would be

Gadanya Mon 18-Apr-11 19:31:45

I am currently having a problem envolving my child wondering off as soon as my back is turned. more worrying is that he doesnt realise he is lost and doesnt worry or cry (we have got him under the local CDC for other problems too). It doesnt matter how much you explain the dangers, it doesnt seem to register. I am looking at getting a Real Time GPS Tracker just so i can find him as he will never tell anyone he is lost. Has anyone tried/got one?

I dont think this is paranoid or lazy. some do have a genuine problem with this and i think sometime it just gets dangerous.

shanzu Mon 18-Apr-11 19:53:55

When mine were little, I used to put a dog/cat tag on the zipper of their jackets with my mobile number, when we went to festivals in case they got lost in the crowd

cory Tue 19-Apr-11 09:38:45

Would only consider one if I was dealing with a child with SN who had got beyond the stage where you can strap them in a buggy or keep them on reins or hang onto their hand; otherwise, the idea makes me uncomfortable, but I do recognise there are cases where needs must.

gorionine Tue 19-Apr-11 09:46:50

Well if it was a child under 10 yo I would make sure I know exactly where they are at all times (not necessarely being with them but expecting them if they say I am going to X's house to be there when I go to pick him up or to come to let me know if they decide to go to the local park instead) For high school age, I fing the easiest thing is a mobile phone, allows both part contact when necessary without having a tracker which I see as intrusive.

dikkertjedap Tue 19-Apr-11 09:52:47

Never used any. My biggest concerns were always large airports (especially as we tend to have lots of luggage to sort out) and large gatherings (street festivals etc.). I think the biggest risk is you not looking for a moment and child not looking at you and becoming separated in that way. I know that some pharmacies sell a thing you put on the shoe laces with a remote control (bit like car opener) and if you point it sets off an alarm. Never used it, so not sure what its reach is and how effective it is if it is really noisy, also would probably give your child a right old scare if it goes off .... Clearly, it would be best to develop an approach where your child knows it has to also look where you are rather than only you keeping an eye out. If it gives you piece of mind maybe do so, but it should not replace normal measures to keep your child in sight and for your child to focus on you when you are out and about. Mind you, wherever I go there always seem to be children lost (amusements parks, airports, large shopping centres, there are always messages over the intercom that a child has been found ... and on occasion I had a small hand grabbing my hand saying can you help find me my mommy). So if it makes you feel better, don't be put off!

2011Butterfly Sun 26-Jun-11 10:43:24

Hi - wondered if anyone had any more recent experiences of child trackers? Seem to be mixed reviews through websites with some definitely not recommended. Thinking of busy theme parks and very fast on his feet and fearless 5 year old!

gremlin1973 Sat 25-Jun-16 21:38:42

i'm wondering if people have had experience of the different trackers fro kids, i'm looking to get one for my youngest, as we're working at some festivals this year and I want to have the extra protection
any advice on which are decent ones please

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