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8 week old with sore crusty patch behind his ear

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BettyButterknife Sun 26-Sep-10 14:41:38

My DS has a really sore looking patch behind one ear, which is obviously painful. It's on the lower part, behind the ear lobe, and the edge is quite crusty while the inner area is red and wet-looking. He also has a few spots with white/yellow heads on his cheeks and neck.

We've washed it with cooled boiled water and cotton wool, and DS screamed his head off, so it's obviously very sore. I'm inclined to put some sort of barrier cream on it but not sure whether that's a good idea given he's so young.

Anyone experienced anything similar? Should we go to the GP? Urgently or can it wait until tomorrow?

ShowOfHands Sun 26-Sep-10 14:46:52

The face spots and the neck are baby acne. They're normal and will clear up on their own. You don't need to do anything.

My dd used to get those patches behind her ears. I had to make sure I dried them very, very well after a bath and made sure they weren't sweaty when warm. It was moisture that caused it. I'd perhaps see somebody to check if it's infected if it's bothering him. My hv checked it wasn't infected or fungal and then put a smear of metanium on it. It cleared right up.

Fourleaf Sun 26-Sep-10 16:50:57

Hi, my DS (10 months) had the exact same thing, and we put some weleda celendular nappy cream on it. I'm not trying to advertise or anything, but we call it the 'magic cream' - it cleared this up in about 24 hours! See here

BlooKangaWonders Sun 26-Sep-10 16:56:27

you could try the tiniest spot of sudecream - we got some free in our bounty pack...

I get excema there even now!

BettyButterknife Sun 26-Sep-10 17:04:53

Fourleaf - we use that Weleda cream too, and I can't believe how brilliant it is for clearing up nappy rash. Definitely magic I'll give it a try on DS's ear, as well as making sure we dry him really well - thanks for the tip, SoH.

FunkyCherry Sun 26-Sep-10 18:39:32

My 13 wk old gets crusty patches behind her ears. Its where any milk that she dribbles tends to settle! So if she dribbles overnight and I'm not there to wipe it straight away, by morning its crusty. Took me a while to work out what it was.

Pluto Sun 26-Sep-10 18:46:29

I expect the previous posters are right and a barrier cream will do the trick - but this is the same place my DS's excema started. Ask your HV to take a look.

PurpleCrazyHorse Sun 26-Sep-10 20:42:10

DD has a little excema and we have some cream from the GP, I use it on the little crusty patches behind her ears.

If it doesn't go away, I'd see your GP as the cream we had sorted it out completely in 24hrs.

CoteDAzur Sun 26-Sep-10 20:44:19

DD had this as a baby. I started to pay attention to washing behind her ears (gently scrubbing with my fingers) in the bath and it passed.

I did this with DS from birth and he has never had this "patches behind ears".

sianbradburn34 Tue 18-Nov-14 19:04:58

Hi my daughter is 4 and she has what seems to be the exact same thing it's quite sore as well I've been washingredients behind her ears twice a day but it don't seem to be going as the crustiness keeps re appearing

trilbydoll Tue 18-Nov-14 20:07:58

DD had this, her ear would get stuck to her head where the vomit had dribbled and we hadn't cleaned her up properly. Oops! Tbh, I smothered it in sudocrem (figured my parenting couldn't get any worse!) and it cleared up in 24h.

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