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I did something I know you are never meant to do...

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SacharissaCripslock Mon 23-Aug-10 19:11:15

I bribed my 2 year old to eat his dinner. blush

He lives on toast and yoghurt.

I am very relaxed about it all (to him, inside I stress grin) and give him a little of whatever we are eating and if (when!) it's not eaten I just take it away and say nothing.

But I just want him to eaaaaaaaaaaat. <wails>

I offered him a penny if he'd eat some scrambled eggs. He ended up eating it all and coming out about 18p the richer.

Can I get away with bribing him until he starts eating well with no bribes or are you all going to tell me to stop being a soft touch and just carry on as I was?

It was just so nice to see him eat! sad

activate Mon 23-Aug-10 19:11:48

bribes are fine

SacharissaCripslock Mon 23-Aug-10 19:12:27

You're my favourite MNetter now, activate. grin

VinegarTits Mon 23-Aug-10 19:14:11

ive just bribed my 4 year old to finish his tea, said he wasnt getting any strawberries if he doesnt eat up, he loves strawberries

i would be skint if i bribed him with money though grin

OnlyWantsOne Mon 23-Aug-10 19:14:14

tonight my DD ate loads of brocolli, half a tin of baked beans, a large fillet of fish - because i promised her pancakes for dinner...

it works

she ate the whole lot and could only eat one small pancake for pudding

there are other ways tho, some times I tell my DD, "I bet you cant eat that.... not one more"

or I tell her off, kinda jokingly, she finds it funny like I say "dont you dareeeee eat one more piece of carrot!!!" she giggles and scoffs the lot

isittooearlyforgin Mon 23-Aug-10 19:14:30

bribery and blackmail are the twin tenements of my parenting

choufleur Mon 23-Aug-10 19:15:58

Nothing wrong with bribery. It's used very frequently in this house. Alongside its companion blackmail.

SacharissaCripslock Mon 23-Aug-10 19:16:28

grin at you all.

Thankfully he thinks 1p is big money and is happy with that. I'll just steal it back when he's sleeping and bribe with it again tomorrow. wink

bottyburpthebarbarian Mon 23-Aug-10 19:18:40

Bribery and Corruption Works Every Time

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