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another stoopid question please.

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nightowl Mon 25-Jul-05 03:44:00

ive bought things from ebay before and it just gets sent. last thing i bought, the seller has sent me an ebay message asking for my address to put it in the post. why havent they got my address already? should i put it in a message? im practically an ebay virgin and naturally paranoid person so dont laugh please!

pinotgrigio Mon 25-Jul-05 04:42:16

Hi Nightowl,

Yes, they should already have access to your address. Are they a new seller? Perhaps they don't realise what to do. Is your address fully listed on your account? I assume so as other people have sent to you, but I have had a few buyers whose address was incomplete.

I would just check the id that sent the message to make sure it matches your seller and if it does send your address along with the item id so they know which auction the address is for.

monkeytrousers Mon 25-Jul-05 09:39:20

Have you checked your profile. I thought I'd put my address down but I hadn't. ?

kid Mon 25-Jul-05 09:45:00

Ask them to check payment status on the items page. Your address will be able to seen there. You can check yourself that it is there too.

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