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Did anyone read the Daily mail yesterday?

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emmatmg Fri 22-Jul-05 14:32:05

Don't worry I didn't buy itm Dh bought it home.

The article by charlie Lee-porter (daughter of lynda) about child abuse.

I just can not got the image/word out of my head(first few paragraphs in particular, I couldn't read the whole thing). It reminder me of the programme a while back about tracking peodophiles(sp?) I complained to the BBc at the time becuase I thought some/most of the images were beyond what was necessary to show on national television.

The opening paragraphs made me feel the same. Do we really need to know such graphic details, it made me feel sick.

marialuisa Fri 22-Jul-05 14:51:15

Didn't see the article but in some ways I think it is important that we know exactly what abuse can involve. I know of one case where the programme you mention has led to a paedophile ending up in prison. The programme prompted someone to contact the police about their suspicions. Although there was nothing to suggest the paedophile was actively abusing children the material he had in his house/PC got him an 8 month sentence.

emmatmg Fri 22-Jul-05 14:54:29

Oh, I agree that it's good in the way that it brings awareness and gets convictions BUT some of the details just seem like shock tatics to me.

Really awful stuff that literally stopped me in my tracks.

Is that really necessary?

marialuisa Fri 22-Jul-05 15:04:28

As I said didn't see it, so couldn't say. It sounds weird but I certainly didn't realise quite how widespread some of the really bad stuff is (involving babies for example)and I'm surprised how ready to excuse paedophilia some people are and i think if they are forced to acknowledge it's not just about some bloke groping a girl while she sits on his lap then that's a good thing.

Sorry, finding it very hard to express what I'm getting at.

Windermere Fri 22-Jul-05 15:42:28

It was shocking.

emmatmg Fri 22-Jul-05 15:44:36

did you read the whole thing, windermere?

I can't even type it here in cyptic to see if yo uknow the parts I mean.

Windermere Fri 22-Jul-05 15:46:20

Yes, it was awful it really upset me.

Catsmother Fri 22-Jul-05 16:52:15

I read this too and can't get it out of my head. Yes .... for purely selfish reasons, I'd have rather not read any of it, though obviously over the years have read enough & seen enough TV to get an idea of the appalling stuff that goes on. However, I don't think the detail was included to be sensationalist in all fairness ... the Mail can be pretty damn irritating at times with its political leanings and tendency to print articles of the "oh look at me I spend £30k a year on handbags type", but I don't think it is guilty of publishing shocking stuff for the sake of it.

It's a fine line between giving the public detail in order to make them fully aware, and of not offending/upsetting people. Maybe with a subject like this, the detail needs to be there in order that people don't become too complacent ... as MariaLuisa points out. Sickeningly, I have no doubt that much more detail might have been included, but for consideration of public sensitivity.

One thing which did however occur to me when I was reading, was that it was probably one of the most shocking pieces I'd ever read - and that somewhere out there, some sicko bastard who I'd have no hesitation in torturing slowly to death, was getting off on it .....

I admire Charlie L-P (and her mum before her) for having the bravery to confront such a nightmare in the name of journalism, and also feel dreadfully sorry for her because I'm sure, like most of us, she probably had no real comprehension of what she was about to see. How the investigating Police Unit have any peace ever again I can't imagine but thank God they find the strength to do their job and root out these indesribably evil people.

charliecat Fri 22-Jul-05 17:06:47

I knew what this was going to be about before I opened the thread, I read it on the bus and had to hold back the tears and it got me today thinking about it.
Whoever would let someone do that to thier kids???????????? And the baby? OMG

monkeytrousers Fri 22-Jul-05 19:37:38

It's all vicarious thrills, isn't it? Wouldn't expect anything less from The Mail.

bubble99 Fri 22-Jul-05 19:52:20

My brother is an officer in the child protection unit and deals with this on a daily basis. It is the stuff of nightmares and I have so much respect for him for doing the job he does. Before this he worked in a domestic violence unit but got fed up with the low prosecution rates as so many charges are dropped- and I realise that there are often many reasons why (usually) women drop charges- leaving the offender free to abuse them again and again.

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