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Yahoo toolbar?

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Tissy Tue 19-Jul-05 20:08:31

Can anyone explain how the Yahoo toolbar has miraculously appeared on my computer over the last 24 hours? I definitely haven't knowingly downloaded it (already have the Google one),and as far as I know haven't visited any dodgy sites. Any suggestions as to how to get rid? It's cluttering up my screen!

hunkermunker Tue 19-Jul-05 20:10:05

Right-click on the toolbars, then untick Yahoo toolbar.

Tissy Tue 19-Jul-05 20:11:15

Ok, thanks. How did it get there uninvited? I thought Yahoo was reasonably reputable?

SenoraPostrophe Tue 19-Jul-05 20:12:04

Have you installed any software? dp installed acrobat the other day and it was evidently bundled in with the yahoo toolbar. It's very cheeky if you ask me.

Anyway go to Tools>manage add-ons, find the yahoo toolbar in there and disable it.

Tissy Tue 19-Jul-05 20:14:49

Now I come to think of it, did have to install Macromedia Flash or something in order to get a Sesame street game to work . Very sneaky.

SenoraPostrophe Tue 19-Jul-05 20:15:35

that'll be it then - Adobe (who make Acrobat) now own Macromedia.

Tissy Tue 19-Jul-05 20:16:11


Thanks SP

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