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What do you say to a 'murderer'?

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pie Thu 19-Jun-03 14:00:09

Just read this:,3604,980207,00.html

I used to babysit for these people before the wife went missing. They used to think it was hilarious that I have the same first name as their daughter.

I still see the husband around, so what do I say, should I have my wheelchair pushed to the otherside of the road? Or keep things to a polite nod?

And has anyone else ever found that someone they knew, well or otherwise, was suspected/charged/convicted of something serious?

princesspeahead Thu 19-Jun-03 14:05:08

I remember this when she disappeared (was living close-ish by at the time. They have always sort of suspected him, interesting that they FINALLY have found some grounds to arrest him on. I wonder what has turned up after such a long time?

Never been in your situation, Pie, but a friend of mine knew that couple in Fulham where the husband bludgeoned her to death in the bathroom about three years ago - remember that? She was pretty traumatised by it - not just losing a friend (although they weren't particularly close) but having known and socialised with someone who was capable of doing such a thing. She felt that she should somehow have identified him for a "BAD" person, although she knew that was impossible and a silly reaction.

Mad world

WideWebWitch Thu 19-Jun-03 14:18:13

I remember this too as I lived in West London at the time. Polite nod I'd say Pie, if that. Blimey, how awful.

princesspeahead Thu 19-Jun-03 14:19:28

So what was the husband like? Will you see him around (is he on bail) or is he on remand now? I suppose if you were being very fair you'd say "innocent until proven guilty" and say hello to him and ask after the children. But if you don't like/trust him, then go the no eye contact minimal conversation route

pie Thu 19-Jun-03 14:28:32

He was nice enough, very quiet. My mum saw him walking down the road yesterday so presumably he is out on bail. I really talked to the wife though whenever I was there so I don't think I will go past the nod, assuming *I* can even make eye contact with him!!

princesspeahead Thu 19-Jun-03 14:31:50

poor, poor children

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