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We Move In Two Weeks!

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Evesmama Wed 13-Jul-05 08:47:10

Just to say thankyou to everyone who helped me get our mortgage sorted out to enable us to buy a nicer house in a better area

we are planning to move by the end of the month into our beautiful new home and dont have a thing to do as it's perfect..
cant wait to spend the summer (and a long time after) there and get DD settled into area and school.

gunna be a bit of a rush organising things, but i cant wait

having a bit of a break from here helped me sort things out and look into area and what we could get and theres even a site for the village, with lots of nice helpful people(already invited for drinks, quiz nites etc

am hoping this will be a new start and dd can grow up in a nice safe place

so thanks again

assumedname Wed 13-Jul-05 09:08:30

That sounds fantastic!

Enjoy your new house.

Evesmama Wed 13-Jul-05 09:15:52

i hope we will thakyou

munz Wed 13-Jul-05 09:36:01

ooh YAY been wondering where u've been! hope the new house is homely quickly for you.

Evesmama Wed 13-Jul-05 10:11:24

ta hun..hows you n bump..will chat later am supposed to be on way to doc but had to ring solicitor and agent first

munz Wed 13-Jul-05 10:28:48

beanie's fine thanks, feeling a bit sicky but v v hormonal (has helped now i've told the girls in work) and also boobs are bloody killing! - roll on 6 weeks time! lol.

hope the house move goes smoothly.

Evesmama Wed 13-Jul-05 15:14:30

thanks hun and glad all is going well
just fed up about forking out another survey fee..ah'll be worth it..take care sweetie.xxxxxxxxx

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