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Help - DS has to dress in a national costume tomorrow

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Eve Thu 07-Jul-05 10:05:20

..I was just going to sned him in an Italian football shirt, but the head asked me had I a costume ready this morning, so I think I need to make more of an effort!

....bright easy ideas please.

SoupDragon Thu 07-Jul-05 10:06:26


nerdgirl Thu 07-Jul-05 10:06:49

a poncho and a really floppy hat?

Eve Thu 07-Jul-05 10:09:41

...I am near Winchester, don't think I will get a kilt! Poncho isn't a bad idea!

charleepeters Thu 07-Jul-05 10:10:15

maybe a stripey shirt and a berret? drape some onions round is neck

Eve Thu 07-Jul-05 10:11:02

I was going to send him as a Gondilier...but can't find a stripy t shirt anywhere! Have asked so many people and no-one has one.

moondog Thu 07-Jul-05 10:13:49

White sheet and a bit of ivy around his head.

Taa Daa!

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