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Got an old mobile phone that you don't want anymore?

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GeorginaA Sat 25-Jun-05 17:39:17

I don't know if anyone has already heard about this, but there's a site called PledgeBank - a new and very useful tool for campaigners or just individuals who'd like to change a little bit of their world, but only if some other people will help them do it. The idea is simple, you set up a pledge, the minimum number of people you need to do it with you as motivation and a deadline. It's not just limited to internet users either - you can sign up to a pledge with a text message, bringing it into the wider non-wired community.

Anyway, one of the pledges that I've signed up for is collecting old mobile phones to an orphan support group in Africa. I don't know about you, but I never know what to do with my old phone once I've got an upgrade, so it came at just the right time for me. There's more details on the site about it (what bits they need, how to go about sending it on etc) and they've actually reached their target number, but I thought it would be great if they could get even more donated old phones and make this a really successful pledge.

Thanks for reading this far

spacecadet Sun 26-Jun-05 14:49:28

thanks will check it out

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