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its alovely day

(16 Posts)
codswallop Thu 05-Jun-03 15:49:15

isnt it?

Bobsmum Thu 05-Jun-03 15:49:36

It is here

M2T Thu 05-Jun-03 15:51:44

la la laaa lalaaa

SamboM Thu 05-Jun-03 15:53:23

Stunning here and I got to go out with dd today as was her late 8 month checkup.

Bobsmum Thu 05-Jun-03 15:54:43

I got nice freebie books at ds' 8 month check up.

lilibet Thu 05-Jun-03 15:55:06

'its dull here' she said in her best eyeore voice

SamboM Thu 05-Jun-03 15:55:27

Yes I got the books too

Bobsmum Thu 05-Jun-03 15:55:41

safe tho'

breeze Thu 05-Jun-03 15:56:00

Yes it is, I took DS swimming this morning because it love so lovely. Nice and relaxing came back and read mumsnet, think I may need to get swimming again.

Bobsmum Thu 05-Jun-03 15:56:52

did you get the one about "i like it when"? - v cute

Bobsmum Thu 05-Jun-03 15:57:23

book - that is

M2T Thu 05-Jun-03 15:59:49

Is that the one with the mummy and baby penguin....

I like it when you hold my hand
I like it when you let me help

My ds LOVES that book. I'd like to get more from the same author ... Marie Murphy (I think). But can't find them.

Hi breeze.

GeorginaA Thu 05-Jun-03 16:01:59

I love that book too - got that out of the library recently I liked that book because I get a really good cuddle at the end from ds and normally he's too wriggly

nerdgirl Thu 05-Jun-03 16:20:08

M2T, check out Amazon. They have a good few Mary Murphy books. Like My Puffer Train

Bobsmum Thu 05-Jun-03 16:24:36

that's the one! I have to confess i filled up when i read it for the first time - awwwww

M2T Thu 05-Jun-03 16:28:48

Thanks folks!

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