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Need to find out what catchment area im in?

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Evesmama Fri 17-Jun-05 21:29:19

when we move, i need to put dd's name fown asap for nursery. thought id be able to find out on line, which catchment well be in??
does anyone know?

mysterygirl Fri 17-Jun-05 21:34:26

yes look on but remember the LEA can change the boundaries each year

ButtonMoon Fri 17-Jun-05 21:35:04

Where we live you can put your child's name down for any nursery regardless of where you live. Schools are different though, some operate catchment areas others give you a preference and allocate places based upon a number of criteria. I type in the name of the authority/council and then primary school/nursery admissions and it usually directs you to info for that paticular area. HTH

Evesmama Sat 18-Jun-05 19:46:17

thanks, but up my street, just lists local schools and doesnt tell me which catchment we would actually be in??

janeybops Sat 18-Jun-05 19:59:02

phone LEA education department or schools as they will know, but unless school is oversubscribed it shouldn't matter.

LIZS Sat 18-Jun-05 20:00:19

Depends on LEA , not all work on strict geographical catchments and, depending on demand, they made not come into play when the particular year you apply anyway.

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