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Help me with my list of "Must do's" for last summer before starting school

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ladymuck Fri 10-Jun-05 09:36:10

Ds1 starts school in September and of course I can't eblive where the time went. His younger brother (just 2) has curtailed some of the things that I had thought I would spend time doing. But ds2 is now less work, and also I have both of them in nursery one day a week - I think that during the the next few months I might put them in on different days so that I get time with just one child.

That sets the picture - what should be on my list of things to do this summer, before ds1 succumbs to the influences of school!

On my list:
Trips to Brighton beach
Trips to Godstone Farm
Bluebell railway
some more tennis lessons
lots of swimming - possibly trying to find somewhere outdoors too
Trying out some computer games (ds2 usually mkes these impossible)
he's been given a digital camera, so thought we would practice with that.
On his bike at the park (our garden slopes too much!)

Any more ideas of what you do/did/wish you had done with this age?

ladymuck Fri 10-Jun-05 09:37:43

And I guess I ought to add the boring things too:

Buy school uniform
Label school unifrom
Make sure that Ds can put uniform on and take it off by himself
Ditto coat

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