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Why can't people keep to appointments?

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nappyaddict Mon 05-Oct-09 14:48:37

Arranged for someone to come out last week to do a quote on the bathroom. I asked for them to come about 11:30 because DS is dropped off by his mini bus at about 1. They said they couldn't do 11:30 but could do 12 so I said OK then.

2 minutes to 12 I get a phone call saying "Sorry I'm going to be late." I can be there at about 1. Now surely you'd know before the time you are meant to arrive that you're going to be late? His excuse was that his wife had a baby Saturday and he decided to do a detour on the way to go and see it.

I say to him that's no good then he rings back and says he can get there for about quarter to one so I reluctantly agree knowing it will be a mad rush.

Is it me or if they can't even be bothered to turn up on time it makes you wonder how reliable they are going to be when it comes to fitting the actual thing. Doesn't leave you with a good first impression does it!

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