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Help with HEN DAY / NIGHT planning in London/SE England

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aznerak Sun 13-Sep-09 21:31:36

Hi there

I am looking to Mumsnet for some true inspiration.

My sister is getting married next Feb so she has asked me to arrange the hen do.

I have got guest list from her (together with where they all live) and they are pretty much all in SW london apart from 2 who can travel and stay with other guests.

Obviously, it will need to be in January and she thinks a day and evening will be fine (as opposed to a weekend) as some guests have children so weekends away are more tricky.

Can anyone suggest anything to do during the day and then in the evening?

She is NOT into strippers, so that's not an option. In terms of budget, I have no idea. It can't be megabucks but similarly, I want to arrange it so there is stuff to do in the day and if people want to save money, they can come along in the evening...

Any ideas would be fab

Thanks lovely mumsnetters


geordieminx Sun 13-Sep-09 21:37:06

I had my hen night recently.

My mum (as a surprise) made masks with a picture of my fiances' face on them. I walked into the restaurant, and there were 16 of my friends and family all wearing aforementioned masks.. sounds a bit random but honestly it was hilarious. We ended upp taking the masks on our night out, and got loads of random strangers to wear them while we took their pics - including a busker, a bouncer, and Niall Quinn.

Very random, very funny, and a good ice breaker?

Sorry I cant suggest anything to do, as I'm at the wrong end of the country, but thought I would share an idea with you.

aznerak Sun 13-Sep-09 21:39:49

Hi Geordieminx

Thanks for the idea - the more the better and sounds a great icebreaker!

Hope your special day went well

Any more ideas gratefully received


geordieminx Sun 13-Sep-09 21:47:24

go ape?

aznerak Sun 13-Sep-09 22:04:51

Problem is, it's in mid January so I am very wary of the likely rubbish weather

gnatbite Sun 13-Sep-09 22:17:47

We went to a matinee of Sister Act - it was great, everyone loved it and they do group rates if there are more than 10 of you so it works out quite reasonably too.

Went on one a couple of years ago which was an afternoon at Vinopolis - wine tasting, that was good fun too.

Lucky Voice Karaoke in Soho is great - you get a booth all to yourselves so it's a bit less embarrassing than it might otherwise be!

Not really sure if these are the type of things your sister would like, but at least they are all indoors wink

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