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Removing mould from bath mats?

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Nmd Wed 13-Jun-01 08:13:10

Does anyone know how to remove mould from bath mats? Mine's only 6 months old, and I guess it's because we always hang it over the bath the same side up, but scrubbing doesn't seem to clean it, and my bathroom cleaner says not to use it on porous surfaces, which I think rubber might be?? I don't want to replace the mat if I can help it, but equally don't want to accidentally bleach their little bottoms!!

Janh Wed 13-Jun-01 08:36:13

nmd, is it that pink stuff or black mildew? it's hard to shift mildew but there are products called "mildew remover" in the supermarkets - based on chlorine bleach i think - you spray it on and leave it for a time. i scrub the underside of my bath mat with a kitchen washing up brush, it gets around all those little rubber circles...and hang it over the bath upside down (when i remember!)

none of us has had a bleached bottom yet to my knowledge so it should be ok! give it a really good rinse though. (but woolies often have rubber bathmats for about 3 quid and argos do too so you might feel safer if you just replace it.)

Nmd Wed 13-Jun-01 16:20:47

thanks janh - mostly pink stuff but also some black blobs recently appearing. May be I should just get a new one but it's one of those longer ones which I've only seen mail order so not keen if I can at least prolong it's life with a clean. I have faith in no bleached bottoms in your house and will have a scrub!

Chairmum Wed 13-Jun-01 19:38:51

Depending how big the mat is, you could try giving it a whirl in the washing machine. Put in a couple of towels as well, to balance the drum evenly and use a gentle spin. You can remove the mat and give the towels an extra spin if they come out too wet.

Willsmum Wed 13-Jun-01 22:12:06

I was given the tip to always stick the bath mat on the tiles on the side of the bath to help drain and air it. We live in a hard water area and although it does not stop it altogether, it certainly helps. Doesn't help with the removal of the mould, but might stop it coming back.

Fms Thu 14-Jun-01 13:47:15

I've used Jif liquid on mine, using a washing up brush to scrub it. It got most of the mildew off.

Sylvev Thu 14-Jun-01 19:24:24

Ours goes in the washing machine on a delicates wash, not too high temperature and this always gets rid of mildew etc. Good luck.

JonathanSmith78 Fri 08-Apr-16 07:35:29

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