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Help me! becoming a one subject,materialistic bore!

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MrsMohokococoaloco Tue 31-May-05 00:55:57

Right, in brief, need lightweight buggy, investigated all options...graco citisport/chicco ponnee xs/all maclarens and have narrowed search to combi dash or mothercare citilite, best deals being combi 75.00 and citilite 81.00. They're exactly same weight and have similar recline features but heres the clincher..citilite has bigger and easier accessable basket, slightly bigger and better wheels and adjustable handle height - i'm 5'9. BUT i hate the colour, its maroon/red with a horrid clear plastic panel at front of hood...see it at (i can't do links, pls excuse!) whereas the combi is beautiful! I'd have it in 'live lime' which is greeny/yellow and its all over, the fabric and the handle bar, even the wheels! Its the perfect bright summer buggy! Am i being completely vain and foolish to buy the combi when i suspect i would have a much stressless experience pushing the citilite. I'm only 26, i like to express myself...don't just want to push around anything! would be like always carrying a handbag i hate! Does anyone understand me? Can anyone advise/kick me up the bum?!

MarsLady Tue 31-May-05 00:58:26

Honey I think it's important to get a buggy that you like in every respect. You've gotta push the thing for ages, you may as well love it.

MrsMohokococoaloco Tue 31-May-05 01:05:47

Well ds is one now, just! Have a m&p's pliko thats far too heavy and bulky although he loves it! so need a lighter one with a bumper bar because screams his little head off in a maclaren or other such type! What do you think mars lady? To be honest with you the citilight is probably the wise choice, its a darker material, the other is so light if i tried to use it around the city in winter it would get very dirty...can i have both?! or should i not! In the scheme of things summer is very short in this country isn't it...but on the pro combi side its bumper bar detaches so when ds is summer...he can hop in and out himself! ..mind you he's a big boy so maybe it will become too narrow and he will need a more umbrella type stroller! oh dear, am going mad, keep making the wrong decisions over baby buys!

MarsLady Tue 31-May-05 01:10:10

which is your absolute favourite? First one that comes to mind!

MrsMohokococoaloco Tue 31-May-05 01:13:26

the combi but i think i know its impractical...would be annoying not to fit all i need in basket hasn't got handlebars just one handle so no hanging there, plus needs a 2handed fold..should i ever want to fold it! but its beautiful! ..its like men, i go for the good looking impractical one! oh dear!

MarsLady Tue 31-May-05 01:14:06

did I ask about practicality?

MrsMohokococoaloco Tue 31-May-05 01:14:50

...but would love the citilite in every aspect if it was a different colour...and without plastic hood panal! isn't that so vain!

MarsLady Tue 31-May-05 01:15:46

no not vain. The lady likes what the lady likes!

BadgerBadger Tue 31-May-05 01:17:11

PMSL, I was just like this over buggies recently!

I got a chicco ponnee xs se for DD2 (£75 from the glasgow pram centre, online) which is great, has a removable bumper bar and a great basket.

I had a graco citisport (same as citilite) for DD1 all the way through which was fantastic, but my sister had one which fell apart in under 6 months.

But decided I wanted a summer buggy which would fold smaller for the boot during holidays and got a kidz kargo one on an impulse buy (well, it was half price! ). I'm happy with that too .......for now!

MarsLady Tue 31-May-05 01:17:58

gotta go baby awake. Buy both! Why not! Your boy deserves the best (as do you!) Nitey nite

MrsMohokococoaloco Tue 31-May-05 01:19:07

thankyou for your help, good night! x

BadgerBadger Tue 31-May-05 01:19:45

Bye Mars

I looked at the combi too but it's like a mini buggy, tiny!

BadgerBadger Tue 31-May-05 01:20:49

I mean, I suppose I was looking for something a bit sturdier for my main buggy!

('"My 'main' buggy" )

BadgerBadger Tue 31-May-05 01:22:37

Sorry, I'm not helping at all!

babyburps Wed 01-Jun-05 01:27:37

I don't think much of the combi, its very plasticy! if its going to be uncomfortable for your ds/you then why bother?!

Windermere Wed 01-Jun-05 08:38:56

I would for the graco citisport, maroon red is not so bad and although you love the lime one at the moment you might be bored of it in a year. Last year when I was looking for prams I saw one that fitted the bill but I hated the colour cos I thought it was boring and instead I opted for a black & white spotty one from Mamas & papas, unfortunately I have been told that my pram is now on Footballers wives! So it does not always pay to go for the fashionable one.

babyburps Wed 01-Jun-05 19:25:00

is it a m&p pliko in optic? I have that! OMG its on footballers wives?!

piffle Wed 01-Jun-05 19:45:03

I had 8 prams before finally settling on a very light and funky Inglesina Espresso
I love it!
My Dh thinks going through 8 prams is fairly normal as in when babies outgrow their clothes you change them...

Windermere Thu 02-Jun-05 15:23:50

Thats the one Babyburps!

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