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Would you buy a watch for a 4th birthday?

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mamadiva Mon 24-Aug-09 14:52:23

Sisters' 4th birthday in October, not sure what to get.

My mum wants me to get them those split heart necklace thingies but I'd rather get them something useful.

I did think since she wants jewellery (because they love it) about getting them a watch each not sure if 4 is too young though.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated

mamadiva Mon 24-Aug-09 14:55:33

Was thinking of getting these for them.

ZippysMum Mon 24-Aug-09 15:02:10

Can't see the link.

I got a 'tell the time' watch for my 5th birthday - I was sooooo excited. Special occasions only at first but then wore it at school later. a bit like this one

mamadiva Mon 24-Aug-09 15:10:30

These ones, hopefully you can see it now LOL.

I remember getting one when I was younger and thinking it (and I) was great , can't remember what age I was though.

Dophus Mon 24-Aug-09 15:15:26

DS1 had a watch for his 4th B-day. He likes wearing it occasionally (but plays 'Ben Ten' whilst wearing it). It is only a matter of time before it becomes lost/broken.

Essentially I think that it is too young.

Dophus Mon 24-Aug-09 15:16:38

BTW - how about a cheap digital camera? My DS is 4.5 and loves taking photos with mine is can now take proper photos. I just let him be trusted to let it out of my sight. For X-mas we will buy him his own camera.

ZippysMum Mon 24-Aug-09 15:17:14

Yup! That's the type I linked to too!

I was definitely 5. I loved it - would bea fab pressie I think!

TheFallenMadonna Mon 24-Aug-09 15:22:31

I think it's too young. But I think they're too young for a pendant too really. DD is 5 and wears chunky beads, but nothing delicate in any way.

mamadiva Mon 24-Aug-09 15:26:00

Dophus- My DS has the Kiddizoom camera (£20 from ebay) and it is fab, he's always taking photo's of random things, mainly his feet

I'd recommend it if you want a good tough camera for him it's only 1.5MP but the pics are clear enough for DS and me to make out LOL.

It's a pain having to buy for one but when you have 2 to buy for it's murder especially when neither of them actually like anything they should... hmm

muddleduck Mon 24-Aug-09 15:26:19

DS1 got a watch for his 4th and he loves it. But to be honest I wouldn't get one unless I was sure that the parents were keen. Unless the parents are going to get involved in helping the LO to learn to use it then it prob won't get used.

stealthsquiggle Mon 24-Aug-09 15:28:29

I think watches are a great idea - and hopefully those ones will last long enough to be useful.

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