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is it hot enough to...............

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loulabelle222 Fri 27-May-05 10:06:58

get ds paddling pool out?

Leogaela Fri 27-May-05 10:36:33

It is here!

Miaou Fri 27-May-05 10:40:50

Flippin' isn't here - I've got my cardi on and the heating on!!!!!!

Gobbledigook Fri 27-May-05 10:41:07


Bethron Fri 27-May-05 10:43:36

Message withdrawn

suzywong Fri 27-May-05 10:43:38

best do it now, the 5 day forecast doesn't look too good

but don't forget sunscreen of at least SPF15

Toothache Fri 27-May-05 10:44:15

Freezing, windy and raining here!!!

suzywong Fri 27-May-05 10:44:59

well you are pretty close to the Arctic Circle up there aren't you Toothache

Yorkiegirl Fri 27-May-05 10:45:11

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Fri 27-May-05 10:47:01

Not here. Quite overcast at the moment; not cold though and not raining either.

Toothache Fri 27-May-05 10:47:17

Hardy har har Mrs Wong!!!

Central Scotland is normally a right little sun trap!!

Leogaela Fri 27-May-05 10:51:52

The sun is shining, birds are singing, ds is sleeping outside on the balcony....!

Toothache Fri 27-May-05 10:52:31

Leogaela - F**k me you have a balcony???!?!

Twiglett Fri 27-May-05 10:56:44

its hot enough to be hot in a flimsy t-shirt and skirt combo here so yup paddling pool weather it is

loulabelle222 Fri 27-May-05 11:13:28

its all up jus waitin for ds to wake up. It is boiling here

Gwenick Fri 27-May-05 11:23:45

Lovely weather here too -

Just as well really as they're having an "Ugly Bug Ball" at nursery today and I need DS1's red T-shirt to dry so I can draw black spots all over it to make him into a Ladybird LOL

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