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Cheapest Mobile Phone Deal

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Naughtynoonoo Thu 08-May-03 14:55:31

I currently have a mobile phone, which I use for emergencies only, I am currently with Singlepoint offpeak 600 + 50 free texts for £14 per month. I think their must be a better deal out there for me, can anybody help?? I am currently spring cleaning all my outgoings and any money saved would be apppreciated.

kayleigh Thu 08-May-03 14:59:36

I have a T-Mobile pay as you go. Brilliant. I probably put in about £20 every 2 months. But if you were using only for emergencies (I text a lot) it would work out even less.

Daffy Thu 08-May-03 15:13:44

Pay as you go definitely gets my vote. I've had two now. One with Orange and one with O2. They're good as you can choose different ways to top them up when needed, buy a card or by your own credit card. Probably are more expensive for sending texts or per minute, but if it's only for emergencies then I think they're fab.

Marina Thu 08-May-03 15:21:46

I have an Orange pay as you go phone which is also for emergency use only and it is very economical to use. I have only just finished the £50 I stuck on it when we moved house in 2000 and were without a landline for a week...

emsiewill Thu 08-May-03 15:43:31

One-tel have a tariff of £4.99 per month and you pay on top for all your calls (presumably not many if it's emergencies only), or £9.99 per month with 60 minutes included. I think their website is just

Crunchie Thu 08-May-03 16:24:00

Naughtynoonoo, I have a vodaphone with 200 inclusive minutes and 50 tests at £14 a month, but the inclusive minutes can be used peak or off peak, so I tend to use my mobile a lot more often, and the home phone a lot less. We pay £14 for mobiles, and about £18 a month ntlworld phone/online plus BT line rental. Check if BT can do phone and mobile combined, I have seen this.

pupuce Thu 08-May-03 17:13:31

My best deal... which I really looked for.... was Virgin pay as you go... I had to buy the phone + £20 of pay as you go.... all together £ 70 (and that was with £5 of free calls too).
I found Virgin very cheap... 15p/min for the first 3 minutes.
ALso this was with Phone 4 U - The link and other shops were at least £10 more...

In 3 months I have JUST finished the £5 and I use it to work with my on-call clients and to tell DH how far along a labour is.... as he doesn't know when I might be back...

janh Thu 08-May-03 17:25:43

I've just got a Virgin pay as you go too. I started out with a dead basic lump of a phone on 1-2-1, which was nice and cheap, something like 20p a min for the first 2 each day and then 5p after that, but when T-mobile took over, with my low level of usage every call was 30p a min, plus their roaming rates (to use abroad) are extortionate.

Now have Virgin like pupuce, as she says it's 15p for the first 3 minutes, then 5p, plus soon (now?) only 6p for texts to other Virgin phones, and much cheaper roaming rates.

The only slight drawback is that in order to use roaming you have to go onto direct debit, where instead of topping-up (although you can do that too) they send you an itemised bill every month - this means that you can't ring them and get a current credit balance so if you have any dodgy teenagers in the house you can't tell if they've been using it!

doormat Thu 08-May-03 18:38:22

I use T-Mobile and we spend a £10 top up card every couple of months.

Naughtynoonoo Thu 08-May-03 21:53:39

THanks for the advice, I will probably go pay as you go, does anybody know if I can just get a new sim card for my mobile as I want to do it as cheaply as possible.

janh Thu 08-May-03 22:25:15

Try :

see how it goes!

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