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welsh speaking advice needed for English Mum

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amigababy Sat 04-Jul-09 15:09:46

Hi, would like a bit of help please.

I'm English and am learning Welsh, purely through interest, and will be going to North Wales later in the year.
If I'm feeling brave and want to try speaking Welsh, how do I know if the other person (eg in a shop or bar) is a Welsh speaker or not - am I wrong to assume they are?
Will they realise I'm English, speaking Welsh badly (I will be 9 months into lessons so still pretty much a beginner) or think I'm Welsh speaking Welsh badly. Will it be appreciated for trying?
I went for the first time last year, that's what sparked my interest, and am fascinated how people switched between conversing together in Welsh, but ordered food etc from the waitress in English (though she was Welsh.) How did they know which language to use with her (maybe they were regulars there?)
I'm asking because it's a bit scary to try a new language and if I get met with blank stares I may lose a bit of confidence.

Any advice gratefully received, thank you.


Yurtgirl Sat 04-Jul-09 15:17:15

Hi Amiga - I have been learning for ages, years in fact and still hopeless outside the confines of my class!

Most welsh speakers are helpful enough - generally speaking most are pleased if non welsh speakers try to learn

I would say speak in welsh if you know the language you need for that conversation - ie no point going in to a shop and asking for a loaf of bread cos the course doesnt teach that..... well not until you've been going to welsh classes once a week for 5 years!

Get yourself into a welsh class once you are here - now mostly all known as Mynediad, sylfaen and.... I cant remember??
You will want mynediad 1 or 2 (entry level)


Yurtgirl Sat 04-Jul-09 15:18:32

Re how do they 'know' whether to speak welsh or not.
Where I live the locals always recognise those who are newer and tend to assume the newer people speak English

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