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motherinferior Thu 12-May-05 17:04:03


I know I sent you a picture of my cat but have you put in me in the naughty corner, so to speak?

motherinferior Thu 12-May-05 18:50:18


Mud Thu 12-May-05 18:52:21

how would you put a naughty corner IN someone? the mind boggles

Mud Thu 12-May-05 18:52:45

and why are you sending other mumsneters pictures of your pussy <fnarr fnarr>

motherinferior Thu 12-May-05 18:53:24


Mud Thu 12-May-05 19:27:25

bumping because I have just seen Blu posting nad wonder what she thought of your pussy

Blu Thu 12-May-05 19:33:55

MI's pussy is repellent. One sniff and it makes my eyes water and my nose run.

MI darling, we must stop communicating like this! I think there must be an e mail blockage somewhere - did you get my message which said that your pussy (ahem) would make a better rug than the one she was pictured on? And that I was indeed sending you to Coventry because you have aquired another beast to which I am allergic? But that actually I quite like pussies - from a safe distance?

I have sent you 2 e mails today about a date in June- I'll call you - I'm in the office.

Blu Thu 12-May-05 19:35:57

And Mud - you're quite right - it may be called CAT, but quite frankly it is abusing the system to send other MN-ers pictures of your pussy.

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