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Where in Cod's name?

(35 Posts)
Thomcat Tue 10-May-05 17:07:32

Where is she?

CountessDracula Tue 10-May-05 17:08:21

she has had therapy and broken free

emmatmg Tue 10-May-05 17:08:24

having a break and finding life beyond MN.

theres another thread going atm.

dropinthe Tue 10-May-05 17:09:04

I miss her so much!

flum Tue 10-May-05 17:09:22

praps she someone else

101StressPuppy Tue 10-May-05 17:10:03

She is another who just cracks me up!

dropinthe Tue 10-May-05 17:10:47

But she would have to keep remembering to spell-I think she would be sniffed out!

flum Tue 10-May-05 17:10:50

you're name cracks me up! where did you thunk it up?

101StressPuppy Tue 10-May-05 17:12:20

Who, moi flum?

Are we having a love in?? ooo go on admit it. Oh I'm not cod by the way if anyone is thinking that!

I was The Idiot.

Thomcat Tue 10-May-05 17:14:16

Really, she's left us, NOOOOOOOOOOOO. I missed it, oh no, how awful. Can we get her back?

flum Tue 10-May-05 17:14:56

were you the villlageidiot. i liked you. we are definately having a love in now!

101StressPuppy Tue 10-May-05 17:15:24

I would love to see a flounce thread from cod. That truly would be funny (meant in the nicest possible way)

101StressPuppy Tue 10-May-05 17:16:01

Awww you got me

flum Tue 10-May-05 17:16:06

she could be:

on holiday
doing gardening
bored with us
busy with kids
taking typing lessons

dropinthe Tue 10-May-05 17:16:26

From the Village!

101StressPuppy Tue 10-May-05 17:17:42

I SO hope she comes back, firing on all of her fantastically witty cylinders (or rather fins!)

101StressPuppy Tue 10-May-05 17:18:43

We could start a rumour...

Maybe she has ran on with the gorgous sea turtle from the reef

AuntyQuated Tue 10-May-05 17:19:09 is an explanation from cod
is she lurking???? hello cod

101StressPuppy Tue 10-May-05 17:23:05

Oh - she really has gone! wow. I was only messing too.

I must have missed the 'cod bashing' she mentions (I think)

Feels guilty for a split second for making fun then realises cod would hate that and reveal in the fun poking.

Come say hi occassioanlly cod! you can't get away forever!

Thomcat Tue 10-May-05 17:28:10

oh, cod got battered (ha ha pardon pun) did she. oh, I had no idea. Gutted. Hope I have her email somewhere.

flum Tue 10-May-05 17:28:59

is she a Flouncer now then not a Cod

sorry miss spelt that - meant Flounder of course

flum Tue 10-May-05 17:29:41

how could cod be battered. thought she was a Cod God

SoupDragon Tue 10-May-05 17:29:50

No flouncing at all. If she'd flounced you would know where she was.

nutcracker Tue 10-May-05 17:31:30

Has she gone for good though ????

emmatmg Tue 10-May-05 17:32:44

who knows nutty?

doubt anyone can leave and never ever ever come back.

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