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anyone know anything about washing machines?

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mckenzie Sun 01-May-05 20:25:03

I put the fabric softener in the drawer and the liquid detergent in a ball inside the machine. Just the last few days there has been water appearing in the drawer in the section where the softener goes and the clothes are coming out feeling as though there has not been any softener used. I've cleaned the drawer thoroughly but it's still happening and I dont know what the problem could be. Any ideas anyone please?

SaintGeorge Sun 01-May-05 20:28:47

Have you also cleaned the little pipe or outlet inside the machine (where the drawer goes) where the softner goes out? Can be difficult to get too and gets very gunked up and may be causing a blockage.

cupcakes Sun 01-May-05 21:25:46

Try running the machine through empty at the highest temperature (without detergent). This can really help dislodge any blockages!

JanH Sun 01-May-05 21:30:31

If you press the siphon part back in too hard it won't siphon - take the drawer out again and pour water into the softener part and fiddle with the siphon until it does siphon out.


hub2dee Sun 01-May-05 22:25:30

Check filters, if your machine has them, too.

mckenzie Mon 02-May-05 19:57:06

thanks for all the tips. The part of the machine where the drawer goes was gross!!! and the machine is only a year old. It was horrible and really difficult to clean just like you said SaintGeorge. All i need to do now is do the hot hot run and see if that will sort it.

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