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eBay question - postage and possibly more

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TheVillageIdiot Mon 25-Apr-05 16:23:23

I am an eBay virgin. How do you know how much postage to put on? please help. I'm really worried about selling something for the first time.

I have a few pairs of shoes - two never worn and a couple in as-new condition. They all have there original boxes. So I assume the postage will ocst the same for each but how can I find out roughly how much that would be? Sorry if I am being a thickie

almostanangel Mon 25-Apr-05 16:24:24

halo cat me and i will tell you all you need to know lol..ooh you can sell anything!!

misdee Mon 25-Apr-05 16:24:38

kitchen scales and the royal mail website should help.

remember to add the cost of the packenging as well as the postage. people moan when things cost 30p to send out, but forget that the padded envolope costs more IYKWIM.

almostanangel Mon 25-Apr-05 16:25:30

with the postage you weigh the item and look on the royal mails site it will tell you how much then add the cost of wrapping them.

almostanangel Mon 25-Apr-05 16:25:53

tiffini Mon 25-Apr-05 16:26:34

put them in a box, as you would for sending, weigh them on scales, kitchen scales or vathroom for heavier items, note down the weight and call your post office and they will tell you how much it will be.

almostanangel Mon 25-Apr-05 16:26:39

great minds an all that lol

TheVillageIdiot Mon 25-Apr-05 16:28:47

missdee - I never would have thought of that.

Brown paper for the shoes should be ok shouldn't it??

Right Triple A if you can seel anything help think of a list of stuff I can put on there. I need to raise some cash.

So far I have

several pairs of shoes
A full length leather coat
some dresses
dd's steam steriliser
dd's cot
some videos

AAA I will CAT you

almostanangel Mon 25-Apr-05 16:31:11

really you can sell anything!!........someone WILL want it anything old mags old bed linen anything if its tatty just call it shabby chic!!

almostanangel Mon 25-Apr-05 16:31:38

always get proof of posting!

TheVillageIdiot Mon 25-Apr-05 16:34:46

I have a few pairs of track-y bottoms that I've hardly/never worn because they don't fit very well. They can go on there.

Got some trainers in a box that have never been worn either.

Some of dd's clothes too.

Have a child damaged mexican pine coffee table that cost me a small fortune when new but has biro on it now - suppose someone might want it?

almostanangel Mon 25-Apr-05 16:40:42

always put a reserve on any thing you would hate to go for nothing

TheVillageIdiot Mon 25-Apr-05 16:41:45

everything then

almostanangel Mon 25-Apr-05 16:42:57

lol you know what i mean!

TheVillageIdiot Mon 25-Apr-05 19:25:34

keep looking round for things to flog. Will get them all out tomorrow night and photograph

JanH Mon 25-Apr-05 19:45:27

You can't post a cot though... that'll have to be for local pick-up/delivery.

Royal Mail website is here . (Postal prices on the R.)

Hang clothes on a door to photograph, don't lay them on the floor or a bed, and arrange them on the hanger so they look good. Photograph the shoes closeup, standing on the box. (Shoes on the box, not you )

Absolutely put the coffee table in, include a photo of the damaged bit so it's clear what they're getting.

Do you have any classy kitchen stuff like Le Creuset? That fetches great prices.

JanH Mon 25-Apr-05 19:47:56

And (tip from a pro) (not me) if you include your postage costs in your starting bid instead of adding it on after, so it looks like free p&p, you get loads more interest, apparently.

TheVillageIdiot Mon 25-Apr-05 19:59:53

Yep got the boxes for the shoes so will photograph them on there.

Will try the table on there - nothing to lose I don't suppose!

Thanks fir the royal mail site

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