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Curtain Fabircs - Discounted Price

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seahorse Thu 03-Apr-03 22:45:05

I'm choosing some new curtain/blind fabric for a number of rooms and to try and make it a bit quicker I thought I'd have Jane Chruchill fabrics throughout. Does anyone know of an online or mail order outlet which does her fabrics at a discounted price.


Crunchie Fri 04-Apr-03 10:08:34

Fine Furnishing Direct 01526 343344 make curtains, might be worth getting a brochure as they are offering 50% off 2nd pair. I am not sure if they can help, but I have the catalogue and the prices seem OK, I've not used them though

jessi Fri 04-Apr-03 18:26:22

Hi Seahorse, her shop has a discount of 15% off all her non-sale fabrics up until this saturday 5 april. I think there must be a sale on now too. Hope that helps as its very expensive!

IDismyname Fri 04-Apr-03 18:56:25

Look in the back of Good Housekeeping magazine. They have ads for people who can get discounts on fabrics. As long as you have the reference code, they'll be able to quote you. Typically, you can get about 30 - 50% off retail prices. I've used them several times, and they're fine.

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