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OMG I have a teenager!!!!

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lou33 Mon 11-Apr-05 08:52:09

Dd1 is 13 today !

She is suddenly v grown up, refusing to open any presents until she gets home from school!

I am taking her for a meal tonight, just the 2 of us, dh is going to watch the other kids, as she probably gets less attention from me in comparison to the younger ones, so she is looking forward to that, and so am I. I do feel old though, may have to touch up my greying roots before she comes home

LGJ Mon 11-Apr-05 08:54:12

Happy Birthday Lou Jr.

Not opening pressies was she feeling well ??

I am 41 and I can't wait to open any gifts, I get.

lou33 Mon 11-Apr-05 09:04:39

I know, me too! It's an attempt at being mature i think

Beetroot Mon 11-Apr-05 09:31:11

Message withdrawn

lou33 Mon 11-Apr-05 09:34:56

Thank you Beety. We had a hug this morning, and she is only about an inch shorter than me (i'm 5ft6ish), and i thought wow, this time next year i will be looking up at her to cuddle!

kama Mon 11-Apr-05 09:59:41

Message withdrawn

lou33 Mon 11-Apr-05 10:01:44

gets along well with me?! ha!

she is usually in a mood with me, her teenage years have been going on for a long time before she reached 13!

marthamoo Mon 11-Apr-05 10:02:22

Wow! Happy birthday dd1!

lou33 Mon 11-Apr-05 10:04:23

kama Mon 11-Apr-05 10:05:48

Message withdrawn

moderatorlou33 Mon 11-Apr-05 10:35:29

I think it is inevitable, she is half me and half dh, no hope for her, poor thing!

Others are 8, 6, and 4

suedonim Mon 11-Apr-05 12:23:32

Happy birthday to your dd, Lou. Teenagers can be great fun - it's not all the gloom&doom stuff which people talk about far too much, imo!

JanH Mon 11-Apr-05 12:26:05

Happy birthday to dd from me too, lou. And I agree with suedonim - they can be great fun!

fairyfly Mon 11-Apr-05 12:31:05

Happy Birthday Lous Lady

lou33 Mon 11-Apr-05 14:59:05

hope so, she can be a moody so and so most of the time, but she has been v excited about today. It will be nice, just me and her going out for dinner. Feels like an offical passing into womanhood

lou33 Mon 11-Apr-05 21:34:58

great food, great service, nice wine, lovely time had by us both

psychomum5 Mon 11-Apr-05 21:39:41

Sounds like you had lots fun, and I am assuming it all went swimmingly and no teenage hormones reared their heads????

happy birthday to you been a mummy for 13yrs so it still a celebration for you!

Obviously 'happy birthday' to your now young lady.

Blossomhill Mon 11-Apr-05 22:14:35

A big happy birthday to mini lou

lou33 Tue 12-Apr-05 09:04:47

No teenage hormones, they came at bedtime, she started stropping about her day being over.

It was a lovely time, she looked so grown up, feels like only a few minutes ago she came out looking like noggin the nog!

NomDePlume Tue 12-Apr-05 09:07:01

Fantastic ! Congrats to DD

suzywong Tue 12-Apr-05 09:10:33

Happy Birthday dd1!

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