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Blossomhill Sat 09-Apr-05 10:47:42

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the little miss books and the mcdonanld cd.
It was so kind of you. Dd is sitting looking at the books as we think.

RTMTMML Sat 09-Apr-05 11:06:12

And can I just add thanks for the videos and the trousers. DD1 loves the trousers and DH very happy with his new vids

Blossomhill Sat 09-Apr-05 17:29:25

Bump - just hope Jampots can see this xxx

Blossomhill Sat 09-Apr-05 19:47:54

Also wanted to say please CAT me your addy so I can reimburse you the postage. Thanksxxx

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