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i was very naughty today........

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misdee Wed 06-Apr-05 22:38:27

one of dh nurses had left a slip of paper in his room. i had a look at it and relaised it was a list of patients and their conditions. i didnt look at the names but was curious about how many there have DCM, so read through those bits.

naughty naughty me.

btw it wasnt their full notes, just a page of paper.

i feel guilty.

colditzmum Wed 06-Apr-05 22:41:43

No, naughty nurse, they know about confidentiality and they breached it not you. Anything left in his room should only be to do with his care, so as his spouse and with his permission you are entitled to read anything left in his room!

Silly nurse, she knows the rules!

mmmmchocolate Wed 06-Apr-05 22:42:10

with you on that one,i would of had to of had a look too....

misdee Wed 06-Apr-05 22:42:32

thats what i thought as well. she had been using the back of it to write things on, dh said it had been there for a few days.

hatsoff Wed 06-Apr-05 22:42:56

I would have read it as well. As long as you don;t start taking about it you don;t need to feel guilty

misdee Wed 06-Apr-05 22:43:46

all i could tell you was how many people have DCM. the other abbveriations mean nothing to me.

sparklymieow Wed 06-Apr-05 22:46:25


I would have done the same tho....

nutcracker Wed 06-Apr-05 22:47:53

My mom is always giving the kids scraps of paper with bits and bobs about patients on.

Twiga Wed 06-Apr-05 22:48:52

Sorry to hijack thread, just wanted to let Misdee know that the pillow arrived today and to say thank you very much. Lol to your family x

misdee Wed 06-Apr-05 22:49:06

lol nutty, so i am not that bad then!!

just been reading about the relocation of harefield to the royal brompton site. will be a shame as the hospital is in a lovely setting.

misdee Wed 06-Apr-05 22:49:42

ah twiga, so my dad did post it then!! lol.

Twiga Wed 06-Apr-05 22:51:09

Yep he did! How is Peter doing today?

misdee Wed 06-Apr-05 22:53:10

seems good today. very bright and cheery. wanting to come home tho has been told it could be a long stay again.

Twiga Wed 06-Apr-05 22:56:52

Glad he's been feeling cheery today, it sounds like the last few days have been really hard. Hope his stay is shorter than expected and he gets home to you all soon.

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