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Can I use Stop n Grow on a 3yo?

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Hulababy Mon 28-Mar-05 10:30:09

DD (3 next week) has started to nibble at her nails. It is my fault I know, as I bite my nails But I don't want her to pick up the habi - it is horrid.

Can I use Stop n Grow on her?

The bottle says not recommended for children under 5 - but is that just an unnecessary precaution, or is there a real reason for it?

And I promise to put some on my nails too, and try harder to break the habit myself.

What do you reckon?

Enid Mon 28-Mar-05 10:32:17

well I think my mum must have got through tons of that stuff on me and it didn't work...

I really wouldn't. I bite mine occassionally and so does dd1 every now and again - a gentle reminder is all you can do I think.

Hulababy Mon 28-Mar-05 10:34:28

But that really isn't working - it's been going on a few weeks now, maybe longer.

I tried tons as a child; never as an adult though.

Cristina7 Mon 28-Mar-05 11:25:21

We've been using it on our 5 year old. It worked for about 2 days, but it stopped working. He still bites his nails and I suspect just puts up with the horrible taste of the stuff. If you find another solution, do let us know. I've tried reminders, shouting , taking away privileges (PlayStation) , putting plasters on his fingertips, everything. He's doing less of it now but it's been going on for 6 months. Good luck, I hope your DD gives it up sooner than my DS.

Yorkiegirl Mon 28-Mar-05 11:52:33

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Mon 28-Mar-05 11:56:20

Well looks like Stop N Grow is useless then!

Once we have moved, I reckon the star chart idea may eb the way forward then! Yorkiegirl - yes, I am sure something to do with the Disney Princess may help

kama Mon 28-Mar-05 12:02:01

Message withdrawn

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