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landlord/garden question!!!

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maisystar Fri 25-Mar-05 18:17:45

we have a small 'mud patch' in our garden, about 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 meters. is it reasonable to ask the landlord to contribute towards turfing/decking/patio type thing? there are 3 tree stumps that would need taking out, other than that my dad and brother could do a lot of the 'graft' so it is materials really.


starlover Fri 25-Mar-05 18:34:32

I think so maisystar... after all, it would be improving the property, so the landlord will benefit from it ultimately.
Our landlady is fab, and told us that if we buy anything that improves the flat we're in then to give her receipts and she'll pay for it... ie, we've put new lampshades up, got a new fridge, new bathroom taps etc... all stuff that is really just aesthetic.

go for it, he can only say no!!!

pixel Sat 26-Mar-05 00:02:39

Oh I wish! We've just spent all day aerating and reseeding the patch of mud, moss and weeds that passes as our lawn. (we haven't got the money to returf). We think it should be up to the landlord as we rented this house so that the kids could have a garden and in it's current state they can't even go out there. Trouble is, he hasn't done anything about any of our perfectly reasonable requests so far (handrail on stairs for our disabled son, repair to hole in living room ceiling)so the chances of him helping with the garden are slim. We've found out from our new neighbours that he never spends money on the house if he can help it and they've spent years trying to get him to replace the dividing fence which is propped up with great beams of wood and sways alarmingly in the breeze.

Oh well, we are being 'inspected' by the agents next week so will have our say then, you never know... hope your landlord is more use than ours Maisystar.

hunkermunker Sat 26-Mar-05 00:17:35

I think it's reasonable - do you have a good relationship with your landlord?

maisystar Sat 26-Mar-05 13:41:19

yes he is a nice bloke, but normally rents to students who are maybe not so bothered about a nice garden

anyway i have asked him, he said he won'y pay for it but will make a 'donation'(!!!!) of about 1/4 of the cost, better than nothing i suppose!

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