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Can you strangle a 'sick' child?

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ks Wed 23-Mar-05 10:38:36

Message withdrawn

beachyhead Wed 23-Mar-05 10:42:26

If mine fake it, I make them stay in bed when they come home - no tv, nothing - just colouring and books....after all, they are sick, aren't they?

debs26 Wed 23-Mar-05 10:43:16

put him in bed with instructions to go to sleep and not to get out until he is better. mine usually recover in less than 3 minutes

ks Wed 23-Mar-05 10:44:38

Message withdrawn

DillyDally Wed 23-Mar-05 10:44:43

In answer to the thread title..I don't think so...Esther Rantzen will be on your case if you do

ks Wed 23-Mar-05 10:46:45

Message withdrawn

ks Wed 23-Mar-05 11:32:16

Message withdrawn

motherinferior Wed 23-Mar-05 11:33:17

I suggest you brandish a rectal thermometer next time.

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