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OMG, I've only JUST realised it's half term and ds has 2 weeks off, ideas for things to do please!

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WideWebWitch Sun 20-Mar-05 18:52:18

I am clearly on another planet atm as I've only realised today (and then only because ex dh pointed it out and asked what plans we had) that it's half term from next Thursday and it's 2 whole weeks. I'm sure we'll have a lovely time but I haven't planned anything and think I ought to think about it. So what are you doing? Any suggestions? I have a 7yo and a 15mo so suggestions that would suit them both would be great! Thanks.

nutcracker Sun 20-Mar-05 18:54:22

Am praying for ok weather so that the kids can go in the garden.

kid Sun 20-Mar-05 18:57:22

We should be going swimming at least once, a trip to the zoo and also London Aquarium. Plus some visits to the local park should entertain my 2!

nikcola Sun 20-Mar-05 18:58:07

no garden so it will be visiting people with a garden

then ...

safari park,
park and picnic,
making cakes and having tea parties,
seeing friends,

will be soo broke my the time she goes back but my aim is to nacker her out then she will hopefully go to bed early so i can get on with the unbeliveable amount of college essays i have to do

motherinferior Sun 20-Mar-05 19:07:03

Library. Park. Library. Park. Library.

wilbur Sun 20-Mar-05 19:16:09

Hey, MI - and a very exciting visit to Wilbur Towers! We're also girding loins for a trip to Legoland - supposed to have good stuff for littlies as well as the bigger kids.

WideWebWitch Sun 20-Mar-05 19:21:07

We will do the zoo although I am bored stiff with it. We have a season ticket so go A Lot. But hey, it's not for me, I do realise that! I suppose we'll do walks too and borrow other children for days in the park and maybe go to Devon for a couple of days and London for a couple more. <exhausted sigh at the thought of it all>

nikcola Sun 20-Mar-05 19:21:40

is anyone going to whipsnade zoo ????/

Enid Sun 20-Mar-05 19:46:21

kingston maurward farm
beach, beach, beach
visiting friends
Dorchester dinosaur museum

maybe Bristol Zoo.

MaryP0p1 Sun 20-Mar-05 19:48:29

Our Spring break isn't for another 2 weeks and I will spending my time packing my house to move. What fun I will have.

MaryP0p1 Sun 20-Mar-05 19:50:20

Tesco's have got a really good Easter Egg Hunt kit, if you fancy that. Where are you and maybe we can give you ideas close to home.

mckenzie Sun 20-Mar-05 20:02:07

think yourself lucky WWW. The playschool that DS goes to has closed now for the Easter break for 1 month!!!!
and I have a newborn to contend with as well. Oh what fun!

Cam Sun 20-Mar-05 20:09:50

www surely its the Easter hols? It probably seems like half term as Easter is so early this year that the Spring Term was v. short. It does mean that Summer Term will be nice and long though

WideWebWitch Sun 20-Mar-05 20:39:08

Cam, you're right, the terminology has got me! I never pay attention to what they're called, I'm just aware there's no school for ages!

Prufrock Sun 20-Mar-05 22:57:15

Find a new job very quickly and get dp to resign and become SAHD again?

hatsoff Sun 20-Mar-05 23:12:36

visit gps and let them worry about it all? My mum does a great line in cake-baking, easter egg painting, duck-feeding. Hell she can even make a trip to the newsagent to buy her paper exciting. And she keeps dd-sized portions of home-made shepherd's pie and chicken casserole in the freezer. I love my mum me

Christie Sun 20-Mar-05 23:13:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Christie Sun 20-Mar-05 23:15:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pinkdiamond Sun 20-Mar-05 23:18:30

Message withdrawn

pinkdiamond Sun 20-Mar-05 23:19:53

Message withdrawn

pinkdiamond Sun 20-Mar-05 23:19:54

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Mon 21-Mar-05 07:04:12

Thanks for all the suggestions! Prufrock, I had an interview last week and they reckoned they were going to make me an offer so that's a serious option! (Yesterday I did say 'I wish I was going to work tomorrow' Dd being partic hard work atm

gingerbear Mon 21-Mar-05 07:18:46

The Independent on Saturday has an 'Information' magazine, with films, gigs, art, TV etc. There is a v good section for Whats on for children, lists of things to do all over the UK.

Took DD to Tattersall Castle, Lincolnshire last year - there was a Medieval day complete with knights jousting, archery, jugglers, puppet show, face painting, brass rubbing, have-a-go-crafts. We had a great day.

Enid Mon 21-Mar-05 08:02:14

ooh I forgot to mention the cbeebies web site and an Art Attack cd!

WideWebWitch Mon 21-Mar-05 12:00:47

So far I've arranged 1 day with a friend and her children and have borrowed a friend of ds's for 2 other days. I've also been to tourist info and picked up about a hundred leaflets.

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