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so who is on now?...

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helsi Thu 17-Mar-05 01:35:03

I am - helsi

helsi Thu 17-Mar-05 01:36:44

evryone gone to bed or am I a thread killer

sallystrawberry Thu 17-Mar-05 01:37:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

janeybops Thu 17-Mar-05 01:39:35

I'm off to bed too. Nighty night,

mummytosteven Thu 17-Mar-05 01:40:38

am trying to finish off some typing. and then get to bed. 19 minutes of tape left to do - yawn...

Gwenick Thu 17-Mar-05 01:41:08

I'm here

mummytosteven Thu 17-Mar-05 01:41:44

gwenick - you thwarted me trying to get my name as last poster on the three top threads on active conversations!!

helsi Thu 17-Mar-05 01:43:08

Good to see I'm not on my own. Not usually up at this time but you will see from other thread that my gradad has just died so not very sleepy now. Anyone else usually up early am?

mummytosteven Thu 17-Mar-05 01:57:46

nightowl,as the name suggests tends to be around late at night.

think some of the US/OZ posters are around overnight as well.

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