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Going on Holiday abroad????

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bunni Thu 17-Mar-05 00:19:39

Hello was needing a bit of advice...we have been looking at Zante for a family hol. kids are nearly 2 and will be 4 (2 dd's) when and if we go. What do people think of Zante? I am not at all knowledgable about holidays abroad and if i'm true to myself pretty damn scared about the thought of the plane journey. how have people coped with littlies on planes etc etc any advice gratefully recieved. thanx.

lucykatie Thu 17-Mar-05 09:20:21

well not a big traveler but in past ex i would avoid greece with kids......great for couples etc...not kids.

we went to rhodes with my dd1 of 5 and she was bored...maybe area we was at but just nothing for kiddies.

someone may tell you different but thought i would give my opinion.

flying with love it i hate it, dont show them your nerves...they will really think its great...take some crayons aand books, in a little bag of their own, put sweets,drinks in too.

lucykatie Thu 17-Mar-05 09:21:59

by the way...rhodes was a fantastic place...really pretty, and my friend got married in lindos which was amazing...if it wasnt for them the holidaY WOULD OF BEEN A DISASTER.

bunni Fri 18-Mar-05 00:37:44

why would the holiday have been a disaster then? did you not like it?

Chandra Fri 18-Mar-05 00:53:38

After experiencing jet lag after simple flight to Munich I have sweared I am not doing far away trips with DS until he is able to understand I can't be chasing him around the plane, airport, restaurant, etc. But that's another topic

Don't know anything about Zantos but was considering one of those MArk Warner holidays that include activities for the kids so the parents can also enjoy their own.

gingerbear Fri 18-Mar-05 05:21:50

I like Greece, but the flight is quite long (3.5hrs?)and the facilities are a little more basic than Spain for example. Why not look at Majorca instead? In my opinion it is a better bet for a first timer, a short flight and somewhere like Alcudia or Puerto Pollensa is ideal for kids.

lucykatie Fri 18-Mar-05 09:26:10

hi in rhodes would of been disaster as there was just nothing to do for dd,there was a pool....ok,horrible beach [but there is some fab beaches around], no entertainment for kids day or night, it was a really good adults holiday.

i agree wuth the other posting that majorca would be fab, been there with dd1 and loved it...the spanish are a little more eith it as far as kiddies are conserned....alcudia is lovely if you stay just outside the main bit.

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