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Anyone got an epilator?

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XAusted Fri 07-Mar-03 21:34:25

OK, now that spring is in the air, we have to think about exposing our legs again. One of the things I don't like about the warmer weather is the old hair removal problem. In winter a couple of shaves a week is ok but what now? I was considering putting my Boots Advantage points towards buying an epilator (I think that's what they're called). Has anyone got one? Does it work? Does it hurt (more than waxing, eg)? What make is it? Being on the hirsute side, I have a lot of fast growing hair, would you recommend an epilator? TIA!

Philippat Fri 07-Mar-03 21:41:01

Personally, I found it hurt like hell (I don't mind waxing). It's supposed to get better if you keep at it but I didn't have the pain threshold to try!

fallala Fri 07-Mar-03 21:53:41

I am very hairy too.
I bought one a few years ago. I agree it hgurts like hell. I could not use it at all.
I gave it to afriend who has very fine hair on her legs and she finds it painful but bearable.

Personally i would not recommend them and having tried everything in the world except laser hair removel recommend daily leg shaving in the shower!

gingernut Fri 07-Mar-03 22:15:01

Ooooh, the epilator. Noooooooo!!!! Would definitely NOT recommend, unless you are into pain big time. OK, so giving birth probably hurts more, but I couldn't hold it against my legs because I can't cause that much pain to myself voluntarily.

Chinchilla Fri 07-Mar-03 22:18:08

I've got one. It's great if you have the time. It is better than waxing in the respect that you can do it when the hairs are just stubble, rather than waiting until you look like a gorilla! Also, in the long run, it is cheaper than waxing/shaving/Immacing etc. The only draw back is ingrowing hairs, and the tender parts behind the knees, which take some bravery. Also, don't even THINK about doing your bikini line. This is all very well when waxing, as someone else does it quickly, but when you are inflicting the pain yourself, you tend to stop. Take it from me!

It IS painful, but I find that the pain reaches a certain level for the first 5 minutes, and then it is almost like the tingle protects you from the pain. I can't explain it, but I always find that it is fine after the first 5 minutes, well, until you change legs that is! Make sure that you exfoliate well, which is something I am a bit lax on. It prevents ingrowing hairs, which are a NIGHTMARE. I find them worse with an Epilator than when I have a wax.

Finally, don't be conned by these Epilators that have a 'pain reducer' mechanism...they don't make a stuff of difference. I find that my Silkepil is fab, it has pincer discs, a bit like tweezers. By the way, you can't put Boots points towards an item. You have to have enough to buy the thing outright. If you have, I would say go for it.

Let me know how you get on with it.

bossykate Fri 07-Mar-03 23:23:29

no, no, no, no, no! it hurts more than waxing because it takes much longer!

gosh2 Sat 08-Mar-03 08:02:20

Sharp intake of breath. I found I could use it on the bony part of the leg at the front. Just couldn't manage that fleshy bit behind. Did it in between lasers.

Honestly the pain we suffer. I have friends who love it, and use it so regularly they only pick up the odd stray hair, and dont often have the whole leg to do IYKWIM.

leander Sat 08-Mar-03 08:08:05

noooo don't do it, the pain is excruciating(sp) personally I would rather give birth than use an epilator again.

breeze Sat 08-Mar-03 09:06:17

No way would I ever use one again, it hurt like hell (I have waxing done sometimes), Ahh cringing at the memory.

Chinchilla Sat 08-Mar-03 10:50:35

You're all wooses!!! (Joke)

Lara2 Sat 08-Mar-03 11:59:33

I used to use one - hurt like hell! I found that if you really stretched the skin it did lessen the pain a tad. But I gave up using it because it irritated the pores and made me look as if I had a permenent rash - so attractive in the summer!! I use an electric shaver now, only because it was a mega cheap special offer in ASDA. Really pleased with the results though - quick and no mess!

XAusted Sat 08-Mar-03 13:53:16

Not a vote of confidence then! Think I'm too scared to try one now! Unless I can be as brave as Chinchilla. Actually, I'd forgotten about that rule at Boots with Advantage points (seems silly to me) and I don't think I've got enough points yet. Wouldn't want to spend actual money on something which might be used only once!! Maybe I'll stick with shaving. Dh occasionally waxes lower legs for me. Think he gets some sadistic pleasure from it!!

donnie Sat 08-Mar-03 16:20:08

maybe it's time for us to be happy and hairy !!!!but on 2nd thoughts....

Furball Sat 08-Mar-03 21:04:34

I got given one about 12 years ago from my then boyfriend - Do you think it was a hint? I am fair but do have a lot of hairs per square inch if you see what I mean? Anyway it has spent most of its time at the back of my wardrobe, but about a month ago I had my legs waxed and deceided to keep up the 'good work' with the epilator (I have a silkepil) Anyway I did it a few days ago and because there wasn't as many hairs to do it hardly hurt at all, only the bottoms above the ankles, Ouch. So I'm hoping to keep up the effort.

I know they can be an expensive mistake, could you buy one from a catalogue and try it first? - I know thats a bit naughty it could save you

a) £50 if it's not for you


b) The hassle of shaving every few days or the cost of a wax every month or so and maybe silky legs for ever more.

Chinchilla Sat 08-Mar-03 22:56:34

Furball - is that where you get your name from then???

Cha Sat 08-Mar-03 23:10:34

Will second Chinchilla on epilators - they are horrible and I have to screw up the courage to do my legs (when I start to look like a shire horse with the hairy flares) but after a few minutes, once your endorphins are up and running, it is not so bad. I hate shaving stubble and am too mean for waxing so it works for me. It does get easier the more often you use it, too - apparently. But yes - do not attempt bikini line and I always whip off the back of the knee hairs with a razor because that kind of pain really is beyond the call of beauty...

Chinchilla Sat 08-Mar-03 23:28:58

XAusted - I'm not brave, just too mean to carry on paying for waxing, and too short of time to shave every other day. I mean, when would I go on Mumsnet if I was always shaving???

Have you tried the waxing kits that you can buy in the Supermarkets? I have an Immac one that you heat in the microwave, but haven't used it yet. They cost £8 though, which is half the price of a full leg wax in a salon. Do you know anyone with an epilator you could borrow. It sounds disgusting, but you get a brush thing to clean them with, and it is only leg hair. You could try a small patch, and see how it feels. Alternatively, Boots used to have a selection of the various brands that you can try on your arm hair, to test the pain!

Bugsy Tue 11-Mar-03 10:34:12

Have one and love it!!!!! You will all think I'm nuts but I actually enjoy the sting of yanking the hairs out on my legs. Particularly enjoy those tough ones at the bottom of my ankles! Somehow it is much more satisfying than waxing. However, I would have to concede it is much more time consuming than waxing.
I can't believe all you ladies (who've had babies) are such lightweights!!!

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